cub cadet z force- blades wont engage!

Discussion in 'Mechanic and Repair' started by derson69, Oct 5, 2009.

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    I've had this mower for almost a year and a half now. When turning zero turns to the left the blades would always stop (The unit is set up to disengage the blades when moving in reverse). In a zero turn to the right the blades would always stay engaged. I figured this was normal since this is my first zero turn mower and figured a small adjustment to the lapbars would repair the problem. I never let it bother me to much and just dealt with it. but earlier this summer the unit began to act up in that after I would make a zero turn to the left and begin forward again the blades would not re-engage until after I would back the mower up a few feet. Then I would move forward and the blades would engage again. But now the blades will not engage no matter what. Could this be an adjustment problem in one of the lapbars or something worse! The unit runs beautifully otherwise besides not being able to cut grass with it!!! GGRRRRRRR. I would like to learn how to repair the machine on my own as much as possible but have never had a zero turn mower before but I have no problem having someone else fix it. Does anyone have any ideas???
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    Can you post ALL the numbers off the model number tag so I can take a look at your unit ? I don't recall Cub Z's having this feature when we were a dealer.
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    Model # 17AI3AGJ710.....Z-Force/60
    I figured out the problem. There are two normally closed switches at the front of both lapbars. The one on the left side is bad. What I did was unplug both switches and put jumpers into the pins to see if the pto would engage, It did! So I remove the one from the left and right side to see which one was the culprit. The left one...the one I suspected was bad was indeed the bad switch!

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