Cub Cadet Z Force Hydrostat Problems?????

Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by mopar1979, Feb 28, 2009.

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    I have a 2006 Z Force 50 zero turn that I cannot get the hydrostats to adjust to the same speed. If i get the reverse speed the same the forward speed is way off on the right side. If I adjust the linkage on the right hydrostat to speed the froward speed up it does not get as fast as the left side, but the reverse will hardly go then!!! I would appreciate any tips or info on what to try. This mower only has 52Hrs on it.
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    The Z Force is a total piece of junk. I know, because i was a Cub dealer for a year. My repair shop stayed full of them.
    You might want to look at the belt running the hydro. system, as well as the tension mechanism that holds that belt tight. If the belt is not at the right tension, it can cause slippage that will make the transmission system act slow, jerky, or can cause one side to run faster than the other. Also, check all the sterring linkage components for proper fit. If the linkage happens to be falling apart on one side or the other, it will cause trouble as you describe.
    If you can get it working properly, sell it as fast as you can, before something else goes wrong with it.
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    we have one in the shop right now (TANK) that belongs to another lco. It has a similar situation - that one side would push more than the other. It can't be adjusted or fixed, because it is the linkage that is on the pump itself is slotted and wore out. The machine is one year old. The deck bushings were wore out as well, causing the deck to sway back and forth. It was so bad that the rear anti-scalp wheel hit the back tire. When it was tore apart, we saw that all it is, is a round brass bushing that just wops out and mushes down....worthless.:hammerhead: It was replaced with a cone and bearing setup so when the deck lifts, it swivels on this greasable bearing. Why don't they just do that from the beginning?:dizzy: Oh well,...atleast it's better now than it was when it was new...:weightlifter:

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