Cub cadet Z Force rider - owner feedback wanted

Jason Pallas

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I'm looking at the Cub Cadet Z Force 44 rider. I did a search and found a little info on some threads. However, I'd really like to get some feedback as to how this units cuts. I read in one thread that onw owner believed the blade tip speed was all wrong (wrong deck pulleys) - thus causing a lot of clogging and bogging. Can anyone give me any first hand feedback?
The unit looks real strong at the dealer (20 hp Briggs) - well built, etc,... and priced really well .... about $3600. I'm looking for a smaller rider and this might just be it - I just want to hear some feedback as to how it cuts. Thanks.

Richard Martin

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Greenville, NC
One of the reasons you can't find any info and no one will respond is the "Z Force" is a homeowner mower. I really wouldn't expect that you would get high hours from the mower under commercial use. Try asking over in the homeowner forum.

j fisher

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fayetteville nc
Don't buy it! I bought one last year thinking it would get me through my first year, until I could afford better. The deck supports broke loose from the deck after 2 months of use. Took it back to the dealer. Took 4 months to get a new deck. Also, Cub Cadet customer service sucks. There is also problems with the throttle control. They tell you its a commercial machine (even has it stamped "commercial" under the seat.) WRONG! I'm running a Scag now. The money spent on the CC was a complete waste..

Jason Pallas

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Thanks J Fisher - that's sorta what I was looking for. It is advertised as a commerical machine - and it looks pretty beefy - but I wanted to hear from a couple of people like you . Thanks for the input.