Cub Cadet Zero Turns? Got One?

Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by N.H.BOY, Oct 26, 2004.

  1. N.H.BOY

    N.H.BOY LawnSite Bronze Member
    Messages: 1,603

    Just Got A New Tank 54" Kaw. Engine In Sept. New In The Lawn Care First Year. I Have Notice Not Too Many Of You Guys Have Cub Cadet. Is It No Dealers In Your Area Or Is It Quality In The Machine?
    And Of Couse I Find This Site After The Fact I Bought All My Equiment. I Wood Have Asked You Guys And Got More Knowledge. But That Is Not The Case. So Hopefully The Guys That Have Cubs, They Run Find And Are Very Profitable.
  2. wriken

    wriken LawnSite Silver Member
    Messages: 2,154

    I have all cub/mtd products. 2 60"s, a 72" and a mtd 36 w/b hydro.
  3. Eric 1

    Eric 1 LawnSite Bronze Member
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    Here in my area it is mostly do to a lack of dealers.

    But I have heard Lesco is the same thing, with a lower price tag on it, but i don't know for a fact.

    There are several guys here with nothing but Cubs, can't remember names though.

    p.s. Pease do not capitalize every word.
  4. Mo Green

    Mo Green LawnSite Bronze Member
    Messages: 1,487

    I've been looking for a new ZTR. I have checked out almost everything but the Cub so far, but that is next. I would like to hear some feedback about their performance.
  5. Travis Followell

    Travis Followell LawnSite Silver Member
    from KY
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    They look like they are well built machines from what i've seen. I wish my cub dealer would keep atleast 1 new tank in stock but he said that he was putting all his resources into Scag and Grasshopper. He quoted me a good price on a 27 hp Kohler 60" cut for $7399. Thats not too bad considering the MSRP is $8499 and suggested sale price is $7999. He said he would have to order it and would take 2 weeks to get it in so I wouldn't be able to demo before i buy. I will be overlooking the Cub this time simply because of the dealer but they are great mowers. Just basing that on what i've read about them in the brochure. Its pretty informative.
  6. chefdrp

    chefdrp LawnSite Bronze Member
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    NH BOY what did you pay for that mower? It is true that the Lesco Z2 is the same mower. Made by MTD. Its cost is 6 grand for a 54 inch Kaw.
  7. boxoffire

    boxoffire LawnSite Member
    Messages: 169

    A guy I know who's been in the biz a while now said he compared with others once and noticed they (the cubs) didn't cut the grass as well as say an Exmark. Grass clumped up more under the mower and didn't throw it out as well as the others. Not bashing, just something an experienced guy told me. Might have been on an older model??
  8. razorman

    razorman LawnSite Member
    Messages: 65

    I have a M48 Tank with bagger I love machine not had any problems. Machine is 2 years old ,Its got about 400 hours on it. The performance is great. I am looking to buy a M60 next year.
  9. mtdman

    mtdman LawnSite Gold Member
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    My two big walk behinds are both cubs, and both have been running fine with mostly no problems since 1997 and 1998 respectively. Great machines, I love 'em. I have no problems with the power or performance over the years. I too was suprised more people don't use cub machines, I think a lot of lcos are just a bit prejudiced against cub. But, cub hasn't been a very steady commercial brand. They had offerings during the 90s, that my machines were part of. Then they switched to the mtd pro line, same thing. Then they switched back to cub commercial a few years ago. SO they've kinda been back and forth. And cub cadet has been known for years as a homeowner tractor/mower company, kinda hard to overcome that stigma and break into the commercial market more. I think that other brands like scag, exmark, bobcat, etc are better known for commercial equipment and cub is often overlooked.

    That and mtd, which owns cub, makes a lot of machines under different brand names like Lesco, with cheaper materials and cheaper prices. Personally, I hate Lesco like I hate the devil, and would rather buy cub. That's just me.

    All of my mowers have been either cub or mtd, and when I get a new mower next spring it's gonna be cub. Mainly because of my satisfaction after all these years, and partly because that's what my dealer deals, and I wanna stick with them.

  10. N.H.BOY

    N.H.BOY LawnSite Bronze Member
    Messages: 1,603

    hey there man I paid $6,500 at a local dealer. It was a demo 10 hours on it. Still same as new. I got a great rate though cub cadet commercial at 0% and no money down. Beiing new to the biz, that rate was find for me.

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