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Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by barefootlawns, Apr 30, 2006.

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    my father in-law decided to buy a cub cadet ZTR last year and he was nice enough to let me use it and i still do as of now. Well i am getting a divorce and he told me that i could still use it for the rest of the year or i could buy it from him for $935.00 i was there when he paid for it and he paid 2700. I am the only one that ever uses it so i keep it in great cond. The only thing is i really don't like cub cadet i would rather have a ferris but don't have the $$ to buy one just yet. Should i buy the Cub Cadet or just use it for he rest of the year and then try to buy one in the off season?
  2. Mowingman

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    For that price, it is probably one of the Cub Cadet homeowner machines. I have had a couple of those come into my shop. The owners tried to use them day in day out for commercial work. THey had turned into junk in less than one season. They will not hold up to commercial use. The deck spindles and pulleys are very light duty.
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    There is nothing wrong with Cub cadet. By the sounds yours is a home owner unit and not a com TANK. We have 3 of them and love them. I would say buy that until you can save up enough money to buy whatever you want.
  4. Mowingman

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    If there is nothing wrong with them, then why have I seen 2 of them in my shop for repeated deck problems. The decks are pure junk. Nice little homeowner machines and will probably last a homeowner a lifetime. But, certainly not sturdily built by any standard. If you are doing 5 or 6 lawns/week, then that would probably be ok. Just do not depend on it to do 30 or 40 properties/week, all summer long.
  5. ATVracer

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    For that price I would buy it. Mine is holding up just fine.
  6. Envy Lawn Service

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    Well, with the non-commercial units, I think it depends on who's using it, where it's being used and how big the machine is. A person might get some life out of the 50" units for example.

    Anyways.... Mowingman.... maybe you can shed some light on something?

    When Cub came out with that 1050 with the 26hp Kohler Command and the 50" deck... (2005 model I think) ...Well I really really liked that little lawn tractor and I decided I would buy one to tow some things and mow a few places.

    Anyways, for whatever reason when you would get it in certain positions mowing across slopes it would pick up a shimmy-shake and a roar/hum. The problem never was diagnosed, and though I could care less now, I was reminded and I can't help but be a little curious.

    Got any idea what that might have been since you have had a few homeowner Cubs in your shop?
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    dude - read my thread from today. RUN AWAY SCREAMING NO THE ENTIRE TIME

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