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Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by One_Man_Army, Jun 3, 2008.

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    Im new on here and I wanted to get some honest opinions. I have a CC Zforce 48" with a fab deck and a 23hp Kohler Courage Air Cooled that seems to mow just fine for me, but I wanna hear from people that have owned them for a while or just know more than me (not hard). The size is perfect for my apartment complexes that I mow and I love the mower so far. I used to have SCAG equipment in the past and loved them, but I sold it all and just now got back into business this season.

    All im asking is if im riding a ticking time bomb or if the mower is ok.....
  2. snowjeep

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    I had one and it cut fine but it depends how many hours your putting on it. I sold mine at 100 hrs and upgraded to the 54" enforcer. It makes the z-force feel cheap and the little extra speed and size saves me a lot of time. Good luck.
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    I went through 2 Enforcer's. The first had 20hrs on it. The second one, after looking it over upon pick up, I found a handful of problems. I took it home and started looking it over again. The next morning I took it back and told them to keep it, I want a Scag.
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    disclaimer; not all CC's are bad, just some. :)

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