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Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by feistycapn, Jan 24, 2003.

  1. feistycapn

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    I have not seen any of the Cub Commercial "Tank" models discussed. I will be looking at the M48 next week and would value any comments from the folks here.

    I'm the search committee for a new mower for our church where an assortment of volunteers mow the lawn on a scheduled basis. I've looked at Hustler Fastrac & miniZ, eXmark lazer Z HP, Husqvarna small frame ZTH & Toro. From the local dealers the Cub has the best price on a 48" deck. eXmark is the most expensive but I note the strong loyalty they have on these forums.

    comparing cub to the Exmark:

    Both appear to use similar pumps & motors (Hydrogear & Parker).

    Both have Kaw. engines but the eXmark has 21 vs 19 for the Cub.

    Both are welded decks.

    Cub appears to use grease fittings everywhere. eXmark prefers sealed brgs for at least the spindles.

    Catalog to catalog they look pretty comparable. ( I realize catalogs are not a reliable sole source)

    I'm leaning away from the hustler fastrak because the split pump/motor seems to be a longer lived system than the hydrogear IZT.

    All in all I'm impressed in the commercial stuff for the value, reliability and the fact that you folks put hours on your machines in a year what we will do in 10 and I'm sick of fixing mowers.

  2. sirsweatsalot

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    welcome... well im know im in the minority but i do run a cub... i don't like it too much nor do i hate it(well maybe i do)BUT it does the job and makes me money. the thing you really have to look at is who is going to service what ever you buy. if you go with cub and your ner a cub dealer great. if you go with another brand ex:emark and they are not in your area your cub dealer can't do warrenty work on anything besides the motor unless they are not a dealer or servicer of that brand. your best bet is going with a good machine that will do a job with the least amount of being a pain in the ***. if you lined up every guy here and had a test for them to see which brand mowed where in an area im sure non of them could tell you. lean toward the dealer that will give you the best service!
    God bless:)
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    Go with the one that has the best service, warranty, and price but, i'd go with warranty & service over price. I say this because if you don't have a good warranty and service if the mower breaks down then it's useless if u can't fix it.
  4. bruces

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    No experience with the Cub. However, if you are comparing the Hustler Fast Track to the Cub, you aren't comparing apples to apples. The Fast Track is not really a commercial model. To compare the Hustler, you need to look at the Z or super Z.

    The Fast Track is more of a homeowner model. Like the others say, definitely consider your dealer and service quality.

    Depending on the size of the church, if that is all it is used for, any of the commercial models should last for years.
  5. grassdaddy

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    The cub tank and lesco ztr are the same,both are made by MTD.I just priced a Hustler super z,25/60,for 7695.;)
  6. Alan Bechard

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    I do not have exactly what you are looking at, but we do own and operate a Cub Tank 48 and an Exmark Lazer 60. So I feel I have a good basis of comparison.

    You are not going to go wrong either way. My only question would be the wisdom of having a "group" of folks operating a ZTR on a very part time basis. I would not do it, but I realize that is an aside comment, I assume you have thought of that and worked it out to your satisfaction.

    We have had the Exmark 2.5 years. We had a Gravely Promaster 100 (that we sold to a church) and needed to replace that mower with a 50" or smaller.

    I wanted another Exmark, went to the dealer I like (45 miles away) and he had 52" Exmarks but none of the smaller, nor, could he lay hands on one in quick order. We use this mower for gated yards so 50" or less was a requirement not a request. I went knowing I would spend more money, Knowing I could get what I wanted from a dealer within 10 miles of my house, but I do not like that dealer.

    He had a Cub Tank 48" on the floor with great finance offer. It had some features I liked and a couple I did not. He delivered it the next day.

    What was the deciding factor, forget the initial price within 10 to 20% I am not saying compare a $5700 dollar cub to a $15000 Kubota deisel front mower, but get pretty much to Florida Vs. California oranges and they are in the same ballpark.

    Decide on a Dealer that you like and will support you when you have problems.

    Ask what he likes, find out what he can keep going for you, because they ALL break.

    When we go to replace the 60" Dixon that we have ran for the last 4 years or so, it will probably be replaced by another Lazer Z. But we are real happy all in all with the Cub.

    The only other note I would say is that the Cub sits higher, properties with lots of low trees this makes a difference, somehting to evaluate.

    Write me off line if you have more specific questions that I could answer. And make sure you do not have a Lesco dealer close. I think I bought my Cub at the same price as a Lesco within 5% or so. (same mower)

    Alan Bechard

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