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Cub Tank M54 leaving strip of uncut grass

Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by bard, Apr 12, 2008.


    J.A.G LAWNCARE LawnSite Senior Member
    Messages: 931

    do you have that blade on upside down????
  2. bard

    bard LawnSite Member
    Messages: 29

    I do not use my mower as a bush hog. I took it over to my family's home farm where we always use a 9 foot finishing mower, the field is mostly centipede but does have weeds since we do not put fertilizer on the field. It has been raining so i have not put the finishing mower out there yet so I decided to test out my Tank because I wanted to see where the strip of uncut grass was exactly coming from. This field I called would be someone else's plush yard!!! It is 12 acres outside the fence and we have 7 acreas inside the fence. That is why I call it a field. If I need to bush hog I will crank up my tractor and hook to my bush hog for bush hog work. I only use my mower for mower work and it cuts terrible. Prostreet do not bash me about how I use my mower when you have no clue how it is being used. Thank you.

    By the way, my father sometimes takes his Hustler Fastrack 52" to cut the field just because he wants to and it cuts way way better than mine right now. Not even close
  3. bard

    bard LawnSite Member
    Messages: 29

    Tharrell, I have not checked the things you suggested as of yet, but with only 50 hours on the machine, I am going to let the dealer handle these issues and I will report back to tell what they found. Thank you for the suggestions. I really like the machine and want it to cut as well as the other parts of the machine that is so nice.
  4. Tharrell

    Tharrell LawnSite Silver Member
    Messages: 2,967

    OK, but the dealer will charge you if any of those items are the cause. Also, tire pressure plays a big part in quality of cut. If your left tire is off a few pounds, the left blade will not be at the correct level/pitch.
    The dealer should check tire pressure, deck level/pitch, belt tightness, blade bolts/spindles, blade sharpness/rounded edges from sharpening, and engine rpm while deck is engaged. Hope you can get it cutting. Tony
  5. bard

    bard LawnSite Member
    Messages: 29

    The deck is set up correctly. It is level from left to right and it has the correct pitch, I run between 1/16" to 1/8". The rear tires are set at 10 and the front casters are set at 14. It is something other than the deck being level. Whatever it is, it has done it since new and the dealer will fix it for no charge or I will just sell it and take it as experience and buy another from a better dealer who knows how one should be set up from the showroom. No big deal.
  6. Tharrell

    Tharrell LawnSite Silver Member
    Messages: 2,967

    10 psi in the rear? That's kinda low I think. I would think that low psi would allow the machine to wallow and sink. Try 15 psi, nothing to lose. Tony
  7. mountainlake

    mountainlake LawnSite Member
    Messages: 33

    Without reading all the answers your deck is most likely kittycorner, farther ahead or back on one side than it should be. Steve
  8. mountainlake

    mountainlake LawnSite Member
    Messages: 33

    If it's leaving a strip on the left side adjust the deck so the left side is farther back if it's adjustable, if not something might be bent. Steve
  9. Jasonn B

    Jasonn B LawnSite Member
    from USA
    Messages: 148

    What is the correct pressure to run in the front and the rear. I've read 14 psi in front and 10 in rear? It this about correct? Just want to have a straight strip, and some of my lawn is bumpy, I use it for my residential lawn.
  10. Nosmo

    Nosmo LawnSite Bronze Member
    Messages: 1,216

    If you air the tires with the recommended pressure you're going to get a rough ride. I'm still using 10 lbs. in the rear and upped the front tires to 12 lbs.

    If your yard is bumpy because of gophers, moles and just below the surface tree roots try locking the forks by moving the pins close to the center large bolt on each side. The ride will be rougher on you but the cut will be better on the lawn.

    I've seen posts by some people claiming to use only 8 lbs. in all four tires. But this may be a little on the low side. Whatever pressure you use should be the pressure you put in the tires BEFORE you make adjustments to the deck (eg level and pitch). Tire pressure will change them.


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