Cub Tank M54 leaving strip of uncut grass

Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by bard, Apr 12, 2008.

  1. Jasonn B

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    Thank you! On another quick note, I have the cub mulching blades on the mower. I was told it's kinda pointless to have mulching blades on it, if you don't have the "mulch kit" installed under the deck. Is this true? It seems to cut pretty well, and I still have the stock blades, which I've never used yet.
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    I run the rears at 8.5 and that seems to give me my best cut. I have changed the front to different pressures and nothing seems to change much with that. Also, get yourself a good digital air pressure gauge. When you are using low pressures some of the cheap gauges out there are not very accurate.
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    Gonna have to restate this-- must have written it in my sleep. Move the pins to the outer holes to lock the forks. Leaving the pins in the inner holes near the large nut will give a more flexible ride.

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    i have a cub tractor that was doing the same thing, it drove me nuts. i finally moved the deck belt tensioner spring bolt bolt 1" farther forward to put more tension on the belt, set my front pitch at 1/16" lower than the back using the bades to measure it not the deck lip as the book suggests and jacked the tire rear pressure to 20lbs(i'm a big guy and wanted to stop the tires from rolling on a side ways grade), installed high lift blades and it cured the problem. mine has a 50" deck.
  5. Jasonn B

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    Can those of you that have a tank, can you check where the grass shoots out at the metal piece inside to the left? I think mine is bent, and I'm not sure if it's supposed to be straight? Can anyone take a pic of this area on their deck so I can see? Or is there a pic online of this area?

    photo 4.jpg

    photo 5.jpg

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