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Cube Van Ramp for my Commercial Spray Routes


LawnSite Senior Member
Saint Paul MN
This spray truck setup covers over 45 acres a day (~10 hours) for Schools and City Parks with this truck, sprayer, 2000 gallon fill tank and cube van ramp.

The products used, ( www.thegreenguardian.com ) extend past the “organic” category and move into the "EDIBLE" category.

Governments contracts are now seeking "non traditional" weed control methods that are economically viable

The ramp is made by ( www.handyramp.com ) and works very well as a low cost, durable loading ramp which holds our sprayer with a full 200 gallons loaded.

The sprayer is a John Deere Gator which has been modified by us to actually be useful. We purchased it new and it was not a good experience. After our modifications it now works very well.

We were spraying 24 hours a day 7 days per week for about 3 months to get our first apps down. This was about 6,000 gallons of spray per day. We added flood lights to the roll bar to make that possible. That year we sprayed over 150 million square feet of property with this setup.

The truck came from Ryder used vehicle sales dept and we put the entire package together for just under 60k.

It took about a month to pay for it.

As we have proven time and time again, Organics are the future and chemicals are our past. If you don’t pay attention now and start making plans you will simply be left behind.

All Quebec has ban pesticides for 2006 and now many cities in Ontario (like Toronto) have already ban. Connecticut has begun this year.

As an industry, we need not fear this change. What has been experienced in Quebec is that customers become more attentive to your recommendations and willing to invest in additional services like irrigation systems, Core Aerations, Over Seeding, Top Dressing, Tree Care, etc.

The public is ready for us to step up to the plate, are you?

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