Culex erosion control blankets


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morristown, nj
Hello, <br>just wanted to see if anyone out there has anything to say on curlex products, or any other erosion control blanket.<p>Last fall, I had to renovate the shoulders of the road that leads into our complex. The road has no curb or drains, so erosion was a problem. We don't have a hydro seeder, so I cost it out and figured it would cost alot for the small area to rent one. Also, wasn't sure if hydro would hold up anyways, and penn mulch is not too effective unless put on real heavy, which then is so expensive. <p>So, i put curlex 2 along the whole shoulder to help out. It was late in the falll, almost too late, but the job had to be done (you know how that is) but so far it looks real good. Put a lot of stakes up to keep plows off of it, and surprisingly, not one area got hit. <p>I use curlex a lot on banks, but because of how well it works I use it all over now. Did a spot this summer in the middle of the drought and was amazed. I used a contractors mix and had germination in 5 days, and only watered it the day it was installed. Now that spot is one of the best looking spots of grass on our complex. The only thing is you have to go back and pull the plastic out, but this doesn't take too long.<p>Just seeing what you guys think, I know it is expensive (40 bucks for a 180 x 4 ft roll), but it gives such great results when the pressure is on and price is somewhat variable.<p>steveair<br>


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Steve, We use alot of a product from North American Green called DS-75 Its a straw blanket woven to a bio-degradeable plastic. It works fair to better than curlex2 the nice part is the plastic will degrade in the sun light about 75- 90 days <p>----------<br>paul<br>