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Culpeper, Orange or Madison counties

Gilla Gorilla

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Just checking to see if there is anybody on this board that is from one of these counties in virginia. I am thinking about looking at some houses with a couple of acres down there but would like to here how the area is as far as lawncare and landscaping. Is there a lot of guys riding around with mowers down there and over saturating the market. Also what are you able to get for mowing 1.5 or 2 acres of land.

Thanks and I might have some more questions later on.


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Fairfax, VA
Send me your email address and price range and I'll send over a bunch of listings.

I'm not intersted in the sale as that area isn't my strong suit.

But, if you need a realtor I'll point someone your way.


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I live in Rappahannock County which borders Culpeper and Madison. Culpeper is developing fast and it is the capital of "woodchucks", who think they are landscapers. Madison is a lot like Rappahannock, large farmers, beautiful landscape and week-enders from Northern Virginia and the District. I have a lot of clients that own weekend homes in Rappahannock. When they come out on the weekends they want to do some serious "country living". I have started a small nursery of field grown stock on 25 acres and I have a solid base of mowing and maintenance clients. Land and house prices are high in these counties, basically unreasonable and unaffordable for trade workers. I can't afford to live out here on my own.
Email me: RappScapes@yahoo


Gilla Gorilla

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Thanks for the responses guys

I am pretty sure that If we make the move that I will need to get a full time job or something to start out with some income and then do the mowing and scaping on the side as time permits. My wife and I need to make a trip down there one day to see which areas that we like the best and look into who has a good school system around there. If I could get hooked up with a full time job at one of the county's on there mowing and maintenance crew that worked 6am to 2 or 3pm that would be great as far as starting out on the side and building my clientele from there.

Harry thanks for the offer but my old team leader at the dealership that I worked for is now a realtor and has been shooting listings my way for me to look at. I really need to get off of my but and get my basement going again as far as finishing it but I guess that is what this winter will be for.

Akerr I thought that the woodchucks stayed more along the lines of taking the trees down and now planting new ones. LOL Also are you saying that land and house values are unaffordable in Culpeper and Madison counties also? The same house with 3 acres of land in Culpeper that starts at $415K would go for 700K plus up here if not closer to 800K. Hell in some parts of Prince William county that I live in the builders cannot build a house on less then 10 acres, that Is what my wifes boss is going through now. He bought around 180 acres to put about 18 houses on and he has builders calling every week wanting to buy 1 or 2 lots and has sold a couple this way. He paid just under 200K per 10 acres and is selling them for 400K and putting up 1.2 mil $ homes.

Hell my property taxes on my house this year went up to just under 6K since 2004, my mortgage jumped up $175 per month because of that.