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Discussion in 'Hardscaping' started by neighborguy, Mar 24, 2009.

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    I am looking at bidding a pair of walls for either side of a driveway where it passes over a culvert. The walls have to be constructed out of Versa Lok, will be 21 feet long and 3 feet tall (including embedded course). The walls must also be tied together with Geo Grid. I have my materials cost figured at approximately $1400 (crushed limestone base, block for wall, caps, and grid).The project is for a friend of mine that will be helping with the project. I am thinking the project should only take one weekend (we are renting a mini ex to dig for walls and remove the existing stone over the culvert). I am thinking a total bill of approximately $2200. Only because he is helping and is a friend.

    Any thoughts or criticisms are appreciated.
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    I think that is low but if he is a good friend and will actually help, why not? Good to hear you are using Versa-Lok.Thumbs Up
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    $2200? I probably couldn't build a garden wall that length for that.
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    Make sure you build in a fudge facto for yourself in case you run into any unforseens. It's always harder to ask for more money.

    Make sure you take extra time around the culvert. I see most of these installs fail because there is so much moisture since it is basically running through a ditch. It owuld suck to have our freinds wall start settling in a couple years and you have to see it everytime you go over there.

    I'd make sure you specify in the contract that he provides the beer too!

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