Cummins is building a 4 cylinder diesel for the Nissan Titan

Discussion in 'Trucks and Trailers' started by G. Ramey, May 19, 2011.

  1. stuvecorp

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    Believe it or not there are a couple running around town...
  2. mybowtie

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    OMG are you old...wait I owned one of those back in the day.;)
    Couldnt outrun it own shadow, but u could run all over town for a week and stll have half a tank left.
  3. G. Ramey

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    So what is the relationship between dodge and nissan. I remember hearing something about it but can't remember the details.
  4. Patriot Services

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    They have agreed to partner in vehicle development. They aren't calling it a merger though.
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  5. tuney443

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    Had a 81' Chevette with the 4 banger Isuzu diesel with a 5 speed manual.Had some gitty up plus we got 55 mpg.I think it had a 12 gal. tank.
  6. White Gardens

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    I'm stoked.

    If they go ahead and build the truck then I will be buying one. That would be just a nice package with enough power and economy.
  7. mowerbrad

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    Just a few years ago, GM was getting ready to start offering a V6 duramax in their 1/2 ton silverados/sierras. They had them installed in some testing vehicles but they never actually made it to production. It was a great idea and still is, they were expecting to get around 25mpg in those trucks with the 4.5L duramax.

    I'm hoping that the Cummins and Nissan deal will actually work out. If nissan can get a diesel in a 1/2 ton truck, they will hopefully push GM, Ford and Dodge to also work on getting a small diesel in their 1/2 ton models.

    Someone has to be a pioneer in the US and "get the ball rolling".
  8. Maco Services

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    Everyone held off on new diesels when ULSD was going to be a mandate, and everyone was going to have to change newly engineered engines to deal with new fuel tolerances and lubricity.

    Additionlly, Ford/Dodge/Chevy have all been living high on the hog with only offering the diesel in the 3/4 ton luxury trucks. It's been a race to see who can make the most exspensive toy with the most bells and whistles. TONS of people would skip the upgrade to a 3/4 ton and buy a 1/2 ton truck, undercutting a lot of sales from inside a brand.

    I thought Mahindra bringing over their economy truck was going to be the game changer that woke the big brands up, but looks like Nissan may rock the boat. The last I heard, I thought all the Titan production was moving out of MS and going to be built in a Dodge plant, just badged Nissan, so a Cummins was an assumption. I worked for Nissan many years ago when there was some hard scrutiny on bringing in a 3/4 ton diesel under the Titan lineup, but they backed down.

    I hope it's true. We need some smaller back to basics diesel available, and EPA needs to tone down their qualification process for diesel engines and focus on inspection and upkeep on the existing fleet. Great news to see!
  9. pitrack

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    Hm I would like a 1/2 ton Ram with that engine. And build the piss out of it.
  10. greendoctor

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    It was the EPA and their anti diesel regulations that made it so only $40-60,000 trucks could be sold with a diesel engine. A 3/4-1 ton truck fell under the medium-heavy duty on road vehicle category which at one time had certain allowances for emissions. Everything else had to be equivalent to a gasoline engine in terms of emissions. That is why there are no 1/2 ton trucks or very many passenger cars running on diesel. Whereas in Europe, and the rest of the world half of everything on the road runs on diesel and it has been that way for a long time. I love the combination of low end power and real world fuel economy offered by a diesel. Truth is that a now vintage Mercedes hit me with the diesel bug. I cannot fault a car that hauled azz and got 25+ miles doing it. Back in those days I know that was not hard to do. But the usual vehicle for that had a 4 cylinder gas engine, manual transmission, no AC and was a death trap in an accident.

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