Cummins is building a 4 cylinder diesel for the Nissan Titan

Discussion in 'Trucks and Trailers' started by G. Ramey, May 19, 2011.

  1. blk90s13

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    Now that would be the way to go
  2. White Gardens

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    Wouldn't be the least bit surprises if that is what ends up happening. Dodge used to swap and share parts with Mitsubishi on some of the early 90's small trucks and cars.

    Seems like dodge is always falling back on the Asian market every time their product line starts to decline.
  3. Maco Services

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    An old MB 300SD got me on the diesel bug too, but I can't substantiate the now price premium versus gas, combined with the incremental cost and high price repairs anticipated on new, and everchanging high power diesel engines.

    Give me a tried and true diesel powerplant with known faults, a low complexity support system and a vehicle that is repairable by an average mechanic and I'm all in. I can't substantiate the price asked for trucks. Could I afford it yes, but substantiate it, no. I just bought a utility 3/4 ton with a CNG system preinstalled. Guess I'm going that route for a little while.
  4. Patriot Services

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    Clean, dependable, abundant, domestic alternative fuel in a solid engine. We badly need more CNG infrastructure.
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  5. Poontamer

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    No ****
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  6. ecurbthims

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    in the pre-1988 gm 1/2 tons ,you could have a 6.2 diesel ,dont think they made it into the 88 up models though .This was possible because the engine was very light for a diesel so there was no need for the heavy duty brakes ,suspension and steering .Its hard to tell its a diesel with a floor jack ,the same cant be said for the ford or dodge diesels though .
  7. Mr. Fixer Upper

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    I travel a bunch and in South America Toyota makes this truck called the Hilux with a 2.7l diesel in a crew cab configuration. Such a sweet little truck, I would buy one without hesitation. I even looked at the potential to import them......
  8. Sydenstricker Landscaping

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    Don't forget the diesel ranger of the 80's either. And Chevy did the 6.5 turbo diesel in the 1/2 ton silverado and blazer/tahoe in the early mid 90's. So this really isn't a first go at half ton trucks with diesels in the US.
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  9. RoyalTree

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    I have a 95 silverado 1500 with a 6.5 L turbo diesel with 210k miles. Great little truck
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  10. Geo2199

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    I want one so bad ever since i saw the unkillable toyota truck on topgear. Whenever you travel to 3rd world countries on continents like Africa, South America and remote areas of Asia and the Austrailian outback all you see is 15-20yr old Toyota Hilux's, Prados, and Landcruiser 4x4s. They also offer a 3.0L diesel with even more torque in the newer models. I think thats what they run in the Antartica exploration trucks (

    But honestly I would rather see this motor in the Frontier with heavier duty springs. With some aero tricks and tall gearing a 4cylinder diesel frontier could get 30miles per gallon with that motor. How great of a truck would that be? Near V8 torque and 4 cylinder fuel economy in a mid size easy to park truck with a 7ft long bed and 2000lb payload capacity is what most American truck buyers need outside of commercial and construction work. I think since the govt wants all vehicles to get 35miles by per gallon by 2020 were gonna see a push for small diesel compact trucks. I think the days of buying 1/2 ton trucks and not using them for any type of work are gonna die out. I also think due to the challenges, cost and complexity of gaining those fuel economy targets that full size trucks will get to costly and midsize trucks are going to get more capable with higher payloads and towing capacities for the personal use consumer. And since 3/4 ton and 1ton trucks are left out of those fuel economy targets they will continue to get more capable which is what small business owners and contractors like us are going to demand.

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