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    Curb Appeal USA, Inc recently organized a media / distributor event in Portland to demonstrate the CLS.650 at work. Our national sales manager & trainer, Ken Sansoucie, operated the machine as it performed flawlessly!

    We installed almost 200' in about an hour. This machine was designed with the landscaper in mind to affordably add an additional source of revenue easily.

    With our complete marketing package, training package and equipment package, you will have the tools to suceed in this ever growing industry.

    I invite all of you to please contact us with your questions and interests as we are growing rapidly and truly changing the rules in the landscape curbing industry.

    Best Regards,

    Steve Caldwell
    Curb Appeal USA, Inc
    1.800.710. CURB (2872)

    CLS.650 Demo 03.2005 047.jpg

    CLS.650 Demo 03.2005 037.jpg

    CLS.650 Demo 03.2005 095.jpg
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    What is the price range for one of these?

    You can purchase the CLS.650 including 3 forms, trowels, training DVD & 36 page owner / operator manual explaining how to set up and market your own landscape curbing company for $2995.00 + shipping. Please let me know if you have any questions on this or my curbing package.
    Thanks again!

    Curb Appeal USA, Inc
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    Just saw you are a new sponsor,

    Myself and possibly other "yard guys" would sell this service as an add on. Is it possible to make money with this machine with light of use? I could possibly see us selling 20 jobs a year with it.

    Do you recommend charging by the foot? And if so, do you have a recommend price per foot?

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    The key to this is the price of the machine. At $2995.00 you can return your investment on about 4 jobs. 20 jobs a year I believe would turn out more like 40-60 minimum because of referrals. If this is something you would like to do along with your current landscaping, it is a great service as it completes any yard.

    We charge by the lineal foot. Typically you will see anywhere from $3-5.00 per foot depending on where you are.

    I would like to speak with you further regarding this industry. You can reach me at 1-800-710- CURB (2872).

    For anyone out there even thinking about adding this service, please call. We offer training at our national training center in Boise, Idaho and Portland, Oregon. We also include a training DVD and a 36 page owner / operator manual that explains how to setup your business, profitability, marketing and support.

    I look forward to hearing from all of you who are interested in adding curbing to your repoitoire of services.

    Where there is an edge, you have the opportunity to profit.

    Curb Appeal USA, Inc

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