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Curb Appeal USA has changed the rules in Landscape Curbing

Discussion in 'Curb Appeal USA' started by curbappealusa, Apr 12, 2005.

  1. curbappealusa

    curbappealusa Inactive
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    Curb Appeal USA, Inc has changed the rules in the Landscape Curbing Industry

    Our company has been involved in the landscape curbing industry for over 14 years. Our expertise in this industry is endless. We wanted to introduce ourselves because we HAVE changed the rules. We are manufacturers of quality curbing machines and complete packages that can enhance your existing landscape company PROFITABLY!

    If you have researched this industry before and found that it is too expensive to get into? Look again. It is now AFFORDABLE to include our CLS.650 Curb Machine in your list of equipment. We offer a complete curbing equipment package as well as complete training at our corporate training center or we will come to you. Our machines come complete with a training DVD, 3 slip forms and trowels and a complete owner / operators manual that not only explains the machine but gives you the tools to start your own curbing business including marketing!

    The CLS.650 Curb Machine was designed and developed for the landscape industry to capitalize on lost revenue. Now you CAN offer curbing as an addtional service affordably with a machine that is the most user friendly in the industry.

    We are currently looking for distributors of our equipment in the US, Canada & abroad. We ship from Portland, Oregon. Pricing for the CLS.650 is currently $2995.00 + shipping. Package pricing varies depending on equipment. Please contact us for pricing.

    I invite you to contact us for more information into this exciting industry.

    Steve Caldwell
    Curb Appeal USA, Inc
    1.800.710. CURB (2872)


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