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Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by dhenegar, Mar 2, 2001.

  1. dhenegar

    dhenegar LawnSite Member
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    I recently bid a commercial contract (my first). Don't know if I got it yet, but the only thing is it has alot of islands in it. I have a Laser Z and a surfer and have never had to do any curb hopping. Just wondering how you guys handle this. The curbs are about 6-8 inches I think. Will my mowers get up over them and can I do this without scraping my decks real bad? Any info would be greatly appreciated. Thanks
  2. lsylvain

    lsylvain LawnSite Senior Member
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    I'm not sure. I only have w/b's but if you can't figure a way out. I'd just keep a couple of 2x8's on the trailer. I do a lot of places with large retaining wall's and such so it's a must for me to have my ramps with me.
  3. watatrp

    watatrp LawnSite Senior Member
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    Standard practice to go up and down curbs is to approach them backwards and at an angle. If you can raise the deck that helps to keep the deck from scraping.
  4. JJ Lawn

    JJ Lawn LawnSite Senior Member
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    Walker makes a 36" polyurethane wedge for getting over curbs that also acts as a foot rest on the 42" and 48" decks. I don't use it very often but when I do, it saves a lot of wear on the mower. As the Walker sits a little lower than some mowers I have gotten hung up jumping curbs without it. Good investment for me.

    I would check with your mower manufacturer, or one could be easily made with a couple of short pieces of 2X6 cut at an angle and a piece of plywood. Save some wear an tear on your deck, tires, or whatever.


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  5. bridges

    bridges LawnSite Member
    from RI
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    I Agree with watatrp.

    I have a john deere ztr 54" deck. I go up the curbs backwards. That is the only way when the curbs are high.

  6. mdb landscaping

    mdb landscaping LawnSite Silver Member
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    if you already dont have one, get a lazer z deck lift assist put on. the foot pedal is convenient for going up curbs because all you have to do is put your foot down.
  7. Scott H

    Scott H LawnSite Member
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    Just get a 2X10 and cut it into 2 3' sections and use them as ramps to get up on the curb.

  8. TJLC

    TJLC LawnSite Bronze Member
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    I have some little islands that I have to do and I just find it easier to use my 21". They are small areas though. If they were large then I would think the ramps idea would work well.
  9. Grassman

    Grassman LawnSite Member
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    Like TJLC, I usually do them with the 21inch. We always try to cut them as low as possible though so as to only have to mow them every other time.
  10. awm

    awm LawnSite Gold Member
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    If you are talking a lot of islands I would
    get one aluminum ramp 6 ft and cut it in to.
    You could probably leave it at the site unless
    you need it other places. Fix you a place to hangit on back of ztr then just jump of an put your ramp down when needed.

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