Curbside leaf pickup

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    Time plus dump fee

    figure how long from your door to the dump , including time to suck up the leaves

    using a price like $90/hr for the leaf truck
    You’ll probably see a minimum around $150
    And an average around $300
    But it all depends on where your hourly is and how far /long it takes to dump
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    We dump a cube of leaves when we dump.
    About 20 yards
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    Each job is different for curbside pickup. Are you making a separate trip? How long have they been sitting there? Has it rain or snowed a lot? Dump fees? Capacity? Oh and trust me you aren’t going to want to be doing curbside with a 14hp if the leaves are the least bit wet. I really only have but a few co workers and friends I do it for because my min is $100 and there are others in my area doing it much cheaper. Now if you had a big loader and whole streets to do at $50-75 each you can make some money at it. $50-75 would be smaller piles ( full-size truck or smaller).
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    the guy that does my curbside, a landscape friend with a box, vac and a crew, charges me by volume.
    Has no minimum-could be 40, could be 240.
    man, it's nice to just text an address and watch 'em disapper! lol
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  5. Groomer

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