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Discussion in 'Landscape Maintenance' started by HolleysLandscaping, Sep 14, 2011.

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    For those that do curbside pickups, how do you set them up (schedule). for example: offer a total of 5 pickups on a given date? or on a per call basis with a 1-2 day notification or whatever..last year was the first year with the vac. I set up my customers with a signed amount of quantities, if they couldnt make one they could call me 1-2 days prior and let me know so we dont schedule. if we show up and no leaves we still bill. or should we do a signed amount of pickups and we go no matter what, and they still pay that 5 total even if they only had 3?? opinons..
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    I like the method where they sign a contract and pay for service even if there is no pick-up put out.

    You base your price on a per load/time it takes type of scenario.

    If they skip a week, you end up with too much waste on your rounds.

    I think people will take advantage of you that way.
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    yea ur right..this is just the same as any other pickup service like trash. you pay if its there or not

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