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Discussion in 'Landscape Maintenance' started by Gold Leaf Lawnscapes, Nov 7, 2013.

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    To everyone who does curbside pickups, how are you getting accounts? I have signs, word of mouth, and stopping to introduce the service to people raking their yards. I can't seem to get the ball rolling for this service. Only a couple companies around me offer it right now. Thank you.
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    honestly around here in the northeast oh no really offers it only a couple do. Id imagine like anything else its like this once you do one client then they tell one client. Also in my area i have kind of a mid 40s -80+ age group so i have a lot of the just do it and I ll pay ya. Ive done more this year then last year and its mostly word of mouth. Also my new clients love the work i do and a lot of them are in "high leaf" areas. Ive had atleast 3 clients who had an LCO and hated them i told them we do better work and they see it. Also a lot times Im cheaper (i dont take on more then i can handle). So give it time its just the way of being in business.

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