Curiosity is killing me. What is so special about a walker?

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    I posted early on in this thread. Regarding walkers and our vrides. The truth is i say the same thing!
    99% of clients dont know or care whether there was a walker, scag, toro, wright, whites, bobcat, ransome, murray, craftsman, yard machine, etc. On theyre property, they get out of the car see the grass is mowed and walk inside!
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  2. precision8m

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    I am ok with people thinking walkers aren't necessary. It Leaves clients for me to scoop up. Call them crap and I call you ignorant and inexperienced.
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  3. nickslawnltd

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    Our Walker is great. The cut quality is great is great, it's great for our higher end properties and great in the fall. Is it the best machine for every property? Probably not, but that's why we have are Z's. like any job some tools are just better for certain applications. If it doesn't fit your application than it may not be the mower for you.

    The comments in regards to status I don't really get. If something holds a a status it's probably for a reason be it cut quality etc. I don't think anyone holds a higher status cause of the type of or cost of a mower on their trailer.

    Another knock I always hear on here and from friends in the business is the extra maintenance. I always kinda laugh at that one. If we're greasing all the other equipment etc what's a few more zerks?

    As for the grousing of the third wheel stripe, some may like it some may not. It's personal preference in all honesty and to be honest I've gained more customers from neighbours, and passerbys cause of the striping. And a perfect example was the other day the fuel pump failed and we didn't have the walker on the trailer and most of our customers commented on how much nicer our "other" mower (Walker) performed. Don't get me wrong are Z and walk behinds lay nice stripes but customers do notice.

    Just my two cents on the debate
  4. Keith

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    I wrestled with the idea of a Walker for 20 years. When I was 22 years old I had $3000 to put toward equipment. I tried to put half down and finance a Walker, but was turned down because I had no credit. (Now you walk in with no money down, less than perfect credit and leave with a mower at 0% for four years :) ) I ended up purchasing a used 54" walk behind, new trailer, stick edger and a blower with that $3000. That turned out to be the best possible thing I could have done with that money.

    But the curiosity of the Walker has come back time to time over those years. I have known people who have had them. I have used theirs from a couple of times. And while I'm sure it's a fine mower and some of you couldn't live without them, I just didn't see what I was missing out on. I think it's like a really hot, rich girl. You think she will make you happy, but then you realize you live in an average world. You can't really afford her for the amount of use you will get out of her. She's pretty high maintenance compared to the average girl. She's got a nice body, but she doesn't run the house any better than the girl next door. She's got one hell of a body, but she requires more work on your part.

    In the past 20 years though they have fallen out of favor in these parts. The guys that were using them exclusively in the 90's either have replaced them completely with mid-mounts or keep one for small areas and the small amount of work in the winter. The guys that have kept buying them have mulching or side-discharge dedicated models with no GHS at all. That pretty much defeats the purpose entirely. To me that's like seeing that rich girl without all her makeup, her implants and nice clothes and realizing she is really best.

    Still doesn't keep me from looking. If I was going to the country club everyday, I'd love to take her with me. But most days it's just Sizzler for me and my old lady. She cleans up nice though and no one turns up their nose at her when we step into the finer establishments. She's pretty fun to roll around in the hay with too :drinkup:
  5. Right.....
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  6. nickslawnltd

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    Now that was an entertaing read:clapping:

    I also don't see the merits in a non GHS walker unit
  7. precision8m

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    Like I said, enjoy not having them. I wouldn't do business without them. It puts me in a whole different price market.
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  8. Ridin' Green

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    Well said, and a fun read.:)

    Yes, your personal experience and how you perceive(d) the results. In other words- your opinion. There's nothing wrong with that, and I'm actually not knocking it either, in case that's how you're taking it (which it seems from reading this post). Just stating the facts, personal experiences are still opinions. Two different guys can use the same machine and come up with two totally different "opinions" or perspectives, but is the one that agrees with you right and the other guy wrong? Nope, because it's not a matter of being right or wrong. It's simply a matter of perceptions, they just perceived things differently after using it. Therefore, they have differing "opinions". I for one, never said they sucked either. I did say they have their place, but they aren't superior anymore to any other machine when it comes to QOC.

    I'm not a Walker hater, but I do get sick of hearing that owning one somehow makes you superior, or that you provide a superior service over those of us who don't use one. It just isn't true. As fop the stipes, it must be a regional thing for those who like them, because around here, those that have a choice in what type of stripes they'd prefer to see on their lawns, prefer the look of stripes left by a "conventional" Z.
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  9. WJC

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    I do see quite a few of them in my area this time of year. I guess they leave them in their shop for most of the season and bring them out when they need to. It seems that in this business you need to have several different mowers(in my area anyway)to get the job done because of all the different conditions you face when you are out on all these properties. Years ago when I cut grass in S. Fl. we used 60" Yazoo riders and a Hahn pushmower for everything(175 yards) and it worked well.
  10. jrs.landscaping

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    I like my hot chick and I think I'll keep her. I do agree that some people running Walker's think they are a "superior mower." In some ways they are, and in other ways they aren't. I can do a decent size hill with the Walker but nothing like I can do with a Z. I have to say it's all about opinion and usage, three of our Walkers usually run 1200 - 1650 hours per season between them. So that rich hot chick doesn't just look good, she makes me money :drinkup:.

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