Curiosity is killing me. What is so special about a walker?

Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by ProStreetCamaro, Sep 28, 2012.

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    I have a navigator so its pretty similar. While the cut is similar to a ztr, its a bagging machine. I can bag wet grass at a good clip. I can bag tall grass almost full stick when dry. One thing with floating deck is you'll notice how uneven a property really is. It floats and contours with the ground in like a ztr. A bagger on the back of a ztr is about as clumbsy as it comes, plus it adds about 12" to the discharge side taking up room on a trailer, and adding more trim work in certain areas. I don't notice any more maintaining it than a ztr. The flip up deck is nice to take blades off. Being able trim going either way makes the a difference. As far as the controls between your legs, on a straight away you just sit back and relax. On curves or turns its just slight pressure. No swinging your arms around. For large areas or non bag areas I use my 60" ztr.
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  2. I don't need to own one as it is a complete waste of money where I live. I'm glad your taking so much business away from people who don't use a walker.
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    Well where I live, it is almost a necessity. Almost.
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    These are situations I have, this is why I have chosen a Walker, like I said, open areas we have used Walkers in the past until we purchased our Z's, production increased over 70% using Z's over the Walker. Every mower has pros and cons. Walkers save us time during the spring and fall cleanups and reduce trimming on smaller properties.
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    Keith, have fun with the old lady but watch where you stick your pitchfork while playing in the hay. You may burn the tip!:laugh:

    I have a Walker, its a year 2000 with a 26 EFI and I love it. It has made me much money and continues to do so every time I use it. I started out using it as a main mower. I have a 42 GHS deck but I quickly learned that I shouldn't bag all customers lawns. I also have a 52 SD with double blades and used that as a main for a while. I had an opportunity to buy a 62" Toro Z and I have used that as my main for about 8 years now. The Walker is paid for and is used but in the spring and fall for clean ups as well as being used for spraying lawns in those seasons. It has over 2000 hours on it and I have replaced a few idler pulleys, a starter and a hydro motor. Still it makes me very good money and my business needs it. I will admit that it probably isn't for everyone and some may say that it is alot of money to do what I do with it however I can't find one machine that is so versatile to use in my business. So I will continue to take care of my Walker as best as I can and replace what may need replacing but I will always have a Walker in my stable. Keiths mowers must have a good exhaust leak. That was a good read.
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    Precision, I'm not bickering, The Walkers have there place, Like I said I see a lot of them around here, where in Greenville would you say it's a necessity? Hey! Maybe I need to look into buying one?
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    I run exmark and see no difference in cut. I see a few walkers around here and I like there striping but the operator needs to be awesome or those stripes look terrible. My dad has tried them at fairs and thinks that is what I need but nope, not happing. My dad isn't in the business but inputs his thoughts! They are fine I assume but just not for me or my operation.
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    we used to run them when i worked for a landscaper in high school, personally i think they are great mowers. the interchangeability is great, we could load up several decks or attachments and be set, go from a 36 to a 52 in less than 5min if necessary. flip the deck up and scrape it clean in the middle of a yard if you needed to. the controls are the best IMO, one handed operation plus the speed control made it a cinch to mow straight even on bumpy yards. all it takes to turn is slight movement of fingers. the deck being right out front made it easier to see both sides at the same time and get closer than any other ztr aside from maybe a stander. we had both GHS and the ''truck'' type walkers, plus an aerator, blade, and maybe a dethatcher can't remember on that one. plus just about every deck they made. they were really do it all machines and we never had any major problems with them, only engine trouble but that machine had several thousand hours on it
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    For those who say they make ugly stripes...I added a split tail wheel kit, god I love this machine.
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