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    Actually, you can see the ADBV THROUGH the little holes. Orange is the color you want to see there. That means it's a Silicone Rubber instead of Nitrile Rubber. SR = BETTER! (doesn't harden as easily and remains more "pliable" in extreme cold)
    No need to take the filter apart for that:)

    Next dissection- A John Deere filter. (PS you already have a head start)

    Now I'm wondering if a lot of Kohler hydraulic lifter start up noise might be caused by using a JD or FRAM filter?
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    Now don't take the fun out of this :nono: Next time I get a Wix or a Baldwin come in, you know what I'm going to do :laugh:
    Funny thing, guys down in the next building came in early because it was raining today. So I watched them unload their Exmarks, both with Kohler Command 25s, Full throttle and plenty of choke and run them into the building, don't think I could have heard the lifters :rolleyes:
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    I'm with Ya on the wix filter. I use them In My boat twin GM 502's .
    The valve is designed to let the oil bypass the contaminated filter when it gets full and keeps it from going back into the engine.
    We have a tool to cut them open to see what might be getting destroyed inside the engine (different types of metal)

    Take a peak //
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    Well, you are talking about the pressure bypass valve, not the ADBV. 2 different things!

    So where does the oil go when the filter is full, if it doesn't go back to the engine?
    Interestingly, GMC tends NOT to have a bypass valve in the filter, but usually uses them in the block instead!
    NAPA Gold and CarQuest Premium are the SAME filter as the Wix, with a different paint job.
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    What is ADBV ?

    Parts of an Oil Filter 
     Gasket - provides exterior seal between the filter and engine at the engine mounting surface.  
     Mounting Plate - prevents deflection (movement) at the gasket sealing surface. Heavy gage steel plate provides for threaded attachment to the engine.  
     Inner Element Support - provides inner element stabilization and a positive seal between the inner element and the mounting plate to prevent the bypass of unfiltered oil.  
     Upper End Cap - retains element end sealant and filter media, provides an outlet for clean oil, and provides structural rigidity to the pleated media.  
     Lower End Cap - retains element end sealant and filter media.  
     Arch-pleated, Prescription-blended Filter Media - provides a more than adequate filter area. The element has a controlled porosity blended media to assure complete filtration of the oil.  
     Spiral-wound Center Tube - provides internal element support. The spiral design greatly reduces initial flow restriction when compared to other designs.  
     Coiled Spring - ensures a constant load on the inner element to maintain the seal between the upper element end cap, the inner element support, and the mounting plate even during pressure surge situations.  
     Filter Canister - encloses the assembly with a mechanically-locked double seam. The canister provides "flutes" at the closed end for ease of removal with an oil filter wrench. 
     Silicone Anti-Drainback Valve - Stays flexible in extreme temperatures, improves oil flow and keeps oil in filter to prevent engine destroying dry starts. Also provides lasting protection to meet new vehicle manufacturers longer recommended oil change schedules. Nitrile valves can harden and become ineffective over time. 

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