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  1. Mr Distinctive

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    I have just bought a small lawn care business in SE Florida and have plans (like everybody else I suppose) to grow this thing and provide a great standard of living for me and my family.

    One thing that strikes me as curious about the lawn care business in general is 'why do they not do pool maintenance/cleaning or pressure washing as well ?' As a rookie, it appears to me to be a natural fit (asssuming the home owner has a pool of course).

    Any thoughts/advise would be appreciated ?
  2. Scraper

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    Probably for the same reason pool cleaners don't do lawns. ;)
  3. ceaman

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    Welcome to lawnsite.

    Many lawncare companies try to specialize in thier work, and become masters of thier trade. Other companies are often "Jack of all trades and masters of none". I see nothing wrong with expanding your line of work if you want to increase the income potential. Personally I am trying to earn as much as I can from each job I do, yet occasionally I find someone wanting me to branch off into something else.
    (Examples of requested service: Lot Sweeping, Pond Maintenance, Home Remodeling, Welding, Painting (both cars and homes)).

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