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Discussion in 'Landscape Lighting' started by Infinity Landscapes Inc, Feb 7, 2009.

  1. Infinity Landscapes  Inc

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    Is this overkill or just right tell me what you think or any ideas

    patio lighting pic 012.jpg

    patio lighting pic 017.jpg
  2. The Lighting Geek

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    I am not fond of paver lights in general due to the fact the eye is drawn to the fixture. I would look at down lighting from the structure(s), balanced with some uplighting. Looks like a nice project and you on the right track. I know pictures don't always do justice to what you see in person. I would also look at surrounding the perimeter of the space with some up lighting/wash lighting to increase the ambient light levels and do less with direct lighting of the patio/walkways. It makes it easier on the eyes from a glare stand point and you are less likely to be drawn to the fixtures. You should not be able to immediately tell how lights you are using if you get the right balance.
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  3. Lite4

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    Good advice Tom Tom, I was going to suggest getting rid of the paver lights (especially under the trellis). Downlight from the top of the trellis with 20watt BABs and spread lenses. This will not only illuminate the paver area but will make the plants in the raised planter pop to life. Tough call on the paver lights around the outsides. I think Tommy has the right idea of using reflected light from plant material behind the walls, but it doesn't look like there is any, so wall lights may be your only option. Nice to see someone elso doing demos. Good luck, I hope you close the job.
  4. klkanders

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    Good advice Tommy and Tim. When did we start calling rail or wall lighting fixtures "paver lights "? That term makes me think of the actual paver lights like Anthony and others use on the walks. Am I right? If I am wrong please correct me. :)

  5. INTEGRA Bespoke Lighting

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    Keith is right... "paver lights" are those which one would mount into a paving stone - typically for uplighting. The wave of new fixtures designed to be afixed to stone walls, under cap stones, and under rails need a new name all their own.

    Is there a major manufacturer who has not come out with a fixture in this category in the last year or so? Seems to be the hottest new trend in fixtures... too bad, because unless they are used in very specific applications, they tend cause a lot of 'visual clutter' IMO.

  6. ChampionLS

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    Stay tuned guys.. we have some new products coming out very shortly. These will be for the decking industry.
  7. INTEGRA Bespoke Lighting

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    Anthony, you say your new products "will be for the decking industry". Too bad about that... I would have thought you would prefer to release new product specifically designed for and targeted to the lighting industry. :) (j/K)

    I am always interested in finding new product for niche applications. I hope what you are about to reveal is "pro-grade" in that it is not built with composite materials and that it is fully field servicable. Let us all know when the info is available.

  8. Pro-Scapes

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    I might be a bit late here but I also agree with tommy. Downlighting from structures like this when done right would look stunning. It looks like you got some nice trees behind that patio. Be sure to create a background when you do your final design. When people are sitting on that patio a nice backdrop will make it feel much more inviting. Leaving it dark will leave it with the black hole feeling.

    I go after the cozy look. Define the backdrop then bring accents into the patio area. Be careful with pathlights here in the beds because when people are seated it could provide glare and such
  9. Infinity Landscapes  Inc

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    Thanks For your imput guys I will see what I can do. I thought aboat downlight off the struture but it is only 8+ feet off the ground and there would be to much glare. i did light up japanese maple in the back and the bamboo. I'll see if I can get a shot of that as well. The path light is low that you donot see a glare so they can see on the other side of the wall.
  10. Lite4

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    Use a long shroud on your downlights and there won't be any glare, unless of course you want to see glare...if you catch my drift.

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