Current thoughts and issue's with a Scag Cheetah

Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing Equipment' started by cms_, May 7, 2013.

  1. cms_

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    Guys, I've been looking at the Toro Z6000 60", Scag Turf Tiger 60, and the Scag Cheetah. I have a Toro Grandstand for my hills and unlevel ground. I want a real comfortable ZTR. I know and have heard that the Turf Tiger probably is the best ZTR ever made but they just ride rough to me. The Toro Z6000 with their dual suspension seat is really confortable. The Cheetah is the only one I have not rode. Again, I want confort, I feel all will cut good enough. As stated in other post. I will be mowing around 4 to 5 acres relative flat. Home owner. Not doing this for a business. All 3 I can get right at $10k. I would buy the Turf Tiger but even with there new updated suspension seat it just rides rough. Have not ruled it out.

    I know I have posted a few topics here and there. It's just whatever I buy I HAVE TO HAVE many years!!

    Thanks for any thoughts and opinions. Would love to hear from someone who has used all of these or at least 2 of them.

    Thanks again.
  2. mag360

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    I'd say buy the turf tiger and add the toro isolators to allow lateral movement and soften up the ride.
  3. weeze

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    go with the cheetah. it rides the best other than a ferris mower with suspension.
  4. retrodog

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    Go with turf tiger, much heavier duty than the cheetah, I agree, add the iso mounts from toro, and then put hustler steering dampeners on the handles for ultimate ride!
  5. dathorpe

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    I've owned two of those machines and I've demoed the cheetah extensively. The Turf Tiger would be my first choice easily. Followed by the cheetah and then lastly, the Toro. All three are solid machines and honestly, you can't go wrong with any one of those three. The cheetah sounds like it may be the best for you. It has a great ride, great cut, and being a Scag, it's well built. Go with either the Briggs 36 or the Kohler 34 engine on the cheetah. Both have plenty of power and are solid engines. I'd stay away from the Kawasaki on the cheetah as the big Kaws (above 30hp) are known to have some issues.
  6. caseysmowing

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    TT or cheetah! Like said before cheetah sounds like what you are looking for. I have the 34 kohler on my cheetah and I'm very happy with it so far. I bought it for comfort over the tiger cat. I also recommend not getting a kawi on whatever you choose. 61in cheetah with the vanguard or kohler is my opinion.
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  7. retrodog

    retrodog LawnSite Silver Member
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    I would lean on vanguard or kawa, we arent very big kohler high motor fans here... i will tell you this, the kawa might have more issues, but no motor company will offer you emergency oveenite service and have an immediate warranty claim service right now. Kawasaki is the only motor in the house i can guaranty 2 day down time period under warranty....i kinda push kawa to my commercial guys because of their speed of turnaround for us...
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  8. caseysmowing

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    That's good to know. I have two kawi 19hp and a 24hp that I'm very happy with. Just heard that the big blocks have had a lot of problems and they love the fuel like all kawa.
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  9. ztman

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    I was in the same situation, only with 8 acres. Cut with the JD zt for two years and got tired of getting beat up becasue I didnt have a suspension seat. Demoed a lot of mowers and went with the Cheetah because of the suspension platform. Great mower, can mow for four hours with no back issues. I went with the 31 kawi, the smaller kawi seemed to bog down on slopes. Uses some gas, about 1.8gph. Have about 100 hrs on the machine, only issue was front anti scalp rollers came off and blades did a nice job on them. (dealer came and picked up mower , fixed rollers, sharpened blades, and had back in the same day) Oil changes are easy. Over all a great mower. TT is a great mower as well, but if you dont think if offers the comfort level, try the Cheetah. Just be aware of the engines. The ones I see for around $10k have the smaller engines. The 31 kawi was $10.4k
  10. RSK Property Maintenance

    RSK Property Maintenance LawnSite Bronze Member
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    i have a cheetah i bought last june, and have over 200 hours on it, with the 34hp kohler, i can get it too bog down but only when im trying to cut 6 or 7" inches off at once while going 12mph, maybe even faster. its nice having all the extra power i could want, i literally have mowed down saplings with my mower and triple bagger system sucked almost everything up...but as far as ride quality goes its much nicer then scag tiger cub i used to use, which had 985hrs on it when i traded it in june 2012. and i used to work for a bigger landscape company and i was running a 72" turf tiger and it was not a nice ride. so the cheetah is easily the number one choice for ride quality.

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