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Discussion in 'Employment' started by scotty636, Apr 17, 2006.

  1. scotty636

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    I am trying to figure out what the industry standard wage is for a guy like me! I have been working for my employer for about 7 years now and I am only making $12/HR with the crappiest medical plan I've ever seen! He was supposed to have a SEP account set up for me, but has not put any money in it for years. am I being underpaid? What do you all think I should be making. I handle most of the customer contact and do 99% of the company's work. I'm DOT certified and have taken many educational classes. Any input would be greatly appreciated!:waving:
  2. nephilim0167

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    Assuming (from your years of experience) that you're familiar with all your local plants, irrigation work comes naturally, and you've got a good head on your shoulders... guy like that around here would be making 15+/hr.
  3. bobcat9957

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    I have to agree with nephilim. Around here your should have no problem getting 15 if you show up and work hard everyday. And know your stuff.
  4. scotty636

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    That's what I thought, thanks guys, really appreciate it!:)

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