1. finnegan

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    Does anyone run curtis plows?, how are they ? any info would help,likes dislikes.....
  2. snow

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    Two of my friends are dealers for Curtis. I have never used one plowing, but have hooked them up a lot. Their mounting system is very easy, and i can hook a plow up to a truck in about 40 seconds. <a href="http://www.curtisplow.com">here's curtis plows site</a>. Curtis has no messy hydraulics under the hood, the power pack in on the a-frame. another nice feature about the curtis is a hydraulic mounting jacking, so you can set it just the right height for your vehicle. when you lift up the blade, the jack folds away. Curtis's v-box spreader is unique because its engine/hydraulic, while most spreaders have chains, the curtis uses hydraulic pumps. Hope this helps! If you want any more info, email me.

  3. Lazer

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    The guys who have them love them.

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