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Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by JohnnyCuts, Apr 13, 2008.

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    As a newb I don't have any experience with creating and maintaining an edge. I've seen the Edgit reviews here and visited their site and feel it may be a good tool for my wife and I to help solve this challenge. To keep our start-up cost low I had planned on using my personal use Homelite curved shaft trimmer to start and then going to an Echo 210 with Edgit. The Homelite would then be a second/backup trimmer.

    Almost all the accounts I've gotten have pretty decently maintained edges already with some overhand from the fall/winter. If this continues to be the case can I get away with creating the edge with the Edgit? If so and you have experience do you have any tips for me? Also has anyone used the curved shaft Edgit attachment? It's only $25, so seems like a no-brainer if it works as well as the straight shaft.

    Any other tips for edging appreciated also.
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    I use my Edgit with a straight shaft Echo to maintain edges. It is fast and handy, however I don't use it if an edge needs more than trimming, such as places where grass has grown over a sidewalk or curb. Perhaps because of the angle of the Edgit on the Echo straight shaft I always tend to get hit a bit by small rocks, so be prepared for that. Also, their videos and pictures show people walking along side walks and in beds cutting an edge, however in real life you can't always cut the edge from walking in a flower bed. Fortunately the Edgit works well even when you have to edge from walking on the grass.

    Now, unfortunately I need to replace my Edgit and have been unsuccesful in getting an answer back from the company. Someone tell them to wake up.
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