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Curved To Straight?


LawnSite Member
My dad gave me his fs-75 stihl trimmer and i was wondering if I can just find a straight shaft Stihl with a junk engine and use this low hour engine on. If it is possible does anyone have any that I can buy?


LawnSite Senior Member
Murphysboro, IL
Check in at old lawn mower repair shops, especially ones that look like they got alot of junk laying around. Before you do that find out what fits, I believe the FS75 shaft and tube is the same as on the 74 or 76, maybe some of the 80's series too.


LawnSite Fanatic
I'm sure you can, I've been crossing parts between Stihls and Echos and it works :laugh:

Yup, the mufflers on a Stihl fs-85 and an Echo srm-260s are interchangeable.