Curved Vs. Straight Shaft Edgers

Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by SEALAWNMANAGEMENT, Mar 26, 2008.


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    I was wondering what everyone prefered when it comes to edgers. I am going to buy a new one soon. I sold my old one. It was a curved shaft. I think that the straight shafts are better with trimmers but I don't know about edgers.
  2. sandman23

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    from GA
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    I only use straight shaft trimmers and edgers. Much easier to use.
  3. markahurley

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    more power and better drive shaft with straight shaft as opposed to curved--true of both trimmers and edgers.
  4. LLandscaping

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    I have two curved and one straight. I started using a curved the straight seem ackward to me. The straight will probably clog less than the curved because the guard is more open.
  5. Big C

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    Straight shaft....has more me they are better to handle.

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