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Discussion in 'Landscape Architecture and Design' started by Frontier-Lawn, Nov 11, 2004.

  1. Frontier-Lawn

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    i was at publix today with my mag sign on my truck. and i had a guy ask me if i could get a estimate for him to have all the mulch taken out and lava rocks put in. :dizzy: personal i think hes out of his mind. mulch adds nutrients as it brakes down, rocks wont. whats a good price to charge per hour. or should i even take the job.
  2. Mdirrigation

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    The customer is the one spending the money
  3. Frontier-Lawn

    Frontier-Lawn LawnSite Silver Member
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    i forgot to add that he just put in the mulch too.... from home depot he said it cost him $1000 in bags and did not like the look
  4. Gilla Gorilla

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    Sounds to me like the guy has some more money to spend if he already spent $1000.00 on bagged mulch.
    If this guy is actually telling the truth about paying a grand for mulch already and figuring on the high side for mulch (The red stuff) at $4.99 like I said the high side in two cubic ft. bags that is almost 15 cubic yards of mulch around his home.

    Once again it is his money, if he wants to send it your way I would not turn it down. But if it he really did spend a grand and has around 15 yards of mulch to be taken out you might want to look into a walk in dumpster if one is available instead of having to make multiple trips to the dump and then scoop the crap out at the dump.

    Good luck if you do take it on
  5. activelandscaping

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    Anyone willing to spend 1K on bagged mulch will almost certainly be willing to spend 3K for stone. :D
    See if he still has the receipts, then have your guy's bag it and take it back to homie depot. :p

  6. Coffeecraver

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    from VA.
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    Sounds like a good job. I have a client who wants the stone taken out and mulch put in.Too bad you are in Florida we could trade.

    His money! his job! this is not a compromise of work ethics.

    Good Luck !
  7. YardPro

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    we use stone alot.
    we use the natural looking river rock 3/8-1/2"
    it is perminent, amd never washes or blows away, nor does it fade.

    but here at the coast it all hav to be trucked in and is $150.00/ yard just for material, so it is high end
  8. Meadowbrook

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    Holy hell Yardpro......$150/ yard for river gravel, man oh man, I'll personally truck it to you for $125/ yard! :p

  9. trinitygrove

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    I always wondered what to charge customers per hour. Usually there is 2 of us working, so we charge 30 bucks per hour. (15 each.)
  10. work_it

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    You and your friend need to move here. I have plenty of work to keep you busy for those prices. :p

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