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    I had this custom welded dove tail lawn bed made for my loaded 1999 Ranger XLT. Hauled a 44 Toro and a walk behind Toro. Fit just dandy. I used it in 2009 and 2010. (Well, my dad did. He drove it. He is now only 88 and can still out run me!) Only 123,103 miles. Parked 2011 and so far this year. Asking $3900 but I want to sell it. Nice slide-show of photos and full writeup at:
    Talk? Call Ed: 1-855-WeLikeOffers. (1-855-935-4536) West Michigan.








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    I've thought about doing the same thing, but with a standard cab long bed truck. Since I'm a mow, blow and go I really don't need to bring everything I own everyday with a 3/4 truck. I too think you should put the other bed back own it and sell it that way.
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    Its not a bad concept for driving in downtown Grand Rapids and not wanting to tow a trailer and find parking. But why is the bed tilted so much?
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    Well this thread just got shorter
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    For real! There were 2 pages.

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