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Discussion in 'Christmas Trees & Seasonal' started by PlantscapeSolutions, Dec 8, 2012.

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    My customer wants his Sled and reindeer up on the roof. I kind of balked at the idea at first. The customer bought some generic bracket online that I knew would be a nightmare to deal with.

    I have AutoCAD experience so I designed my own brackets and had a shop weld them up for me. The roof has a 30 degree pitch so the risers are all at a 30 degree angle. When I put them on the roof they will be vertical and support the load in a more stable manner.

    The display is going on the large section of roof you see on the picture of the home. There are now solar panels on the other side of the roof I can user for securing my display.

    I also did a base for a 12' commercial exterior use tree I sold. The tree was sold for $2100 retail which beat any price on the internet.


    Deer Stand Design.jpg

    IMG_0002 copy.jpg

    IMG_0004 copy.jpg

    IMG_0003 copy.jpg

    John Dalton.jpg
  2. MMarlow

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    Can't wait to see the finished product up...I like the brackets. Great work.
  3. TimNNJ

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    awesome I was thinking of something like this ..can't wait to see her in action
  4. CleanCut1

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    How will you attach the brackets to the roof?
  5. OP

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    The roof grade is so mild that just some sandbags was all we needed to use. All the brackets are tied together to help with stability. Everything went up today. I made some onsite bracket mods and it all worked out great. I'll get some pictures.

    I'm waiting on some replacement light since I lost one rectifier the way things look.
  6. CleanCut1

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    I like your tree stand too. We had our first experience with a large tree this year. We sold a 14 footer for the lobby of a hospital. The tree was half way up when the flimsy stand that came with the tree collapsed. We had one of our guys build a stand from wood. I like yours a lot better. I may try that design in the future.
  7. David Gretzmier

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    nice welding! Last week I had a local welding shop draw me up plans for the letters JOY about 7 foot tall and 3.5-4 feet wide. 1/4" aluminum or stainless rod. The client wanted to see the letters from 5-8 miles away, they had a mountain top home. I was going to use lite clips for c-9s, until I got the estimate from the welder. 1700 bucks. the client laughed, and while I could have welded it in the off season, I have not had a moment to do it in the last 2 weeks. will be calling the gentleman back to see if we could do it for him next year at half the cost.
  8. OP

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    I had a fence and structural steel place weld then up after I designed them. The cost for everything was $400. I had to do a bunch on on site trimming because of space limitations but it all worked out.

    Now I need to start getting pictures of everything for my website.

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