Custom Tree Sprayer in Freightliner Ambulance body

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    Hi everyone. New to this forum. I have a way over-customized tree sprayer unit that I built in a 2002 Freightliner Ambulance body that I'm trying to get a decent value of what it is worth. This truck is definitely one in the world and way nicer than anything Chemlawn or other big spray companies have put together. I've advertised it a little but it's so custom it's really going to take the right person that wants such a specialty rig and such a unique way to make a memorable impression on their town. Any help and opinions on what you think this truck would be worth would be great. We're trying to sell it, and it's obviously only worth what people think it's worth. Maybe we have to get the soap out and take a bath on it???

    I have a couple videos and about 100 pictures on:

    It's basically got:

    1. 4 tanks. 400 gallon, 280 gallon, 50 gallon, and 50 gallon
    2. 2 big tanks have high powered jets to mix up dry powder fertilizers if they sit over night
    3. 2 small tanks have low agitation to avoid too much mixing
    4. Kappa 150 CC - 42 gallon per minute and 700 psi (100-120 feet spray range w. 2RPM settings for spraying)
    5. Stainless steel valves on pressure side
    6. Banjo poly valves on non-pressure side
    7. High pressure hydraulic hose and crimped fittings between tanks and valves
    8. Truck can set rpms at idle to pump at 21 gpm for smaller tanks and smaller trees and shrubs. Truck has second idle switch programmed to run at 1400 rpm's to run the pump at 42 gpm for higher spray jobs and better efficiency
    9. Brand new electronic PTO with shutoff safety if you forget and drive off without disengaging. Super heavy duty 3 belt pulley system to run pump off PTO. Has jug rinse and tank rinse option.
    10. Hypro chemical eductor to mix chemicals from curbside and bottom. No dumping chemicals into tanks direct.
    11. Fill station and valves with backflow and multiple adapters so you can fill from a garden hose or other hose options and valves to fill up the tank you want
    12. John Bean 64 gallon per minute high pressure spray gun to reach 100-120 ft spray height

    As far as the truck goes, it's super nice condition:

    1. 2002 Freightliner FL60 20,000 GVW
    2. 197,200 miles
    3. Allison automatic transmission with brand new PTO (tranny was replaced about 2 years ago)
    4. Tires: 80%
    5. 4 new batteries (1 mo. old)
    6. All injectors were replaced 20,000 miles ago
    7. No rust
    8. Highway miles (the county was big and I was told the average service trip was 100 miles).
    9. Cummins diesel engine
    10. All electronics and sirens work
    11. Power windows, cruise, tilt, air seat, AC, Heat, CD player with XM
    12. Aluminum MAV body, No rust, Super heavy duty. The box alone sells for $135,000 new
    13. Aluminum Alcoa rims
    14. New Banks exhaust

    We've had it around 100K, and that's about what it cost to build it from scratch, but would love to hear some feedback from people on what you think it's worth, because it's extremely hard to put a value on something like this truck. Also, if anyone is interested in buying it, please let me know:

    Dan: info @ 509-270-6606

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