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Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by Guardian, Jan 7, 2002.

  1. Guardian

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    I've done my "lawnsite search" and learned alot about truck ramps. Someone on here said it would be cheaper to have a steel fabricator make one than to buy one from HandyRamps or Redi. I have called around and the welders here don't really do that kind of thing. Some that are willing, act like it would be cheaper to buy from a compnay that mass produces them. The price I've gotten from Handy Ramps is $650 plus s/h. Is this a good price? Does anyone have a good / safe ramp system that is cheaper?

    PLEASE don't tell me to get a trailer, I have 2 already. Plus I've read through the arguments over trailer vs ramps. This is for an additional crew truck that I'd rather not trailer.

  2. gogetter

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    I'm not sure what kind of ramps you're talking about that cost $650 !!. You mean the metal ramps that come in pairs? Have you checked places like Nothern catalogs or similar?
  3. Guardian

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    I am talking about a 56" wide, folding ramp that attaches to your truck where the tailgate goes. Go to or and see what I'm talking about.
  4. Keep looking for a welder.

    There is about $60 worth a materials.

    The rest will be labor.

    Should run you aprox $300.

    A friend had a welder build his gate on his trailer for $175.
  5. rodney

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    i would think you could make one cheaper.

    may be you didnt explain it good enough to the welder. hard to do over the phone

    go to mower dealers and see if they have any ramps in there trucks ,and take photo's then take them to a welder.

    allmost all the dealers around here have those truck gate ramps.

    when you do take pics to welder let us know how mush $ it would cost.
  6. pyrocare

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    Go to USA Ramps they make a ramp that goes in to the receiver hitch of your truck. I've been looking at these to have a ramp that goes from the trailer to the truck. They look real nice and I believe they are less than $650.

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