Customer added a pool in backyard, do I adjust mowing price?


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A pool 'might' add complexity as far as getting unwanted debris in there and w/ added trimming?

I have a longtime customer that re-landscaped her back yard (no pool) that easily removed 40% of the mowing. While she didn't specifically ask for a discount, I will say that she inferred toward a discount - I did explain that I'd not raise her rates as soon I normally would in the future. She was good w/ that.
I just have to make sure I don't casually walk off the ledge to get to the lower part since it's about a 5 foot drop now compared to 2ft like before. Can't believe they don't fence some of these areas in on some of these yards.


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It's been my experience when anything is added to the lawn like landscaping, pool, koi pond it takes longer to do the lawn. I'd go up a few buck. If you keep up with your time on all your lawns which we do you'll know pretty quickly what the difference is.

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