Customer age groups target you?

Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by fga, Mar 23, 2005.

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    i was thinking about this for some time.
    i really do get along better with older customers. i usually get paid what i want, and they spread the word throughout their friends. if one has to temporarily stay in a nursing home, its like $10,000 worth of free advertising. i would say 75% of my customers are retired senior citizens (i cut about 100 houses a week).
    the younger couples, are usaully alittle prissy, look for the the guy with the $80,000 truck trailer combo, instaed of a guy with an older truck, or pickup/trailer set up. i don't seem to get as many jobs or estimates from them as much as the older folks.

    sadly, would this be a real concern looking to even 5 years down the road? 10 years? i have already lost some older people over the years, nice people who have passed on...
    Do you have a way you specifically target certain age groups?

    by the way, the older couples always offer us cookies... :)
  2. Remsen1

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    I agree for the most part. Older customers are more in need of our services. There are some ups and downs, some of them seem to be stuck in the 50's for pricing, but most are pretty good. Another good thing is that most of them know how hard some of the tasks can be, on the flip side to this though is they don't always consider that just because we can mow their whole lawn in 15 minutes doesn't mean that we can charge $5. The best customer in my mind are the upscale (younger) retired. They seem to be up to date with pricing, they have very little financial worries, and they are more than happy to pay somebody to do the work.
  3. promower

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    I like older customers. If you do a good job they always stay with you till the end, may only be a fews years or days away but they are loyal. One guy I started last year was talking about how prices have gone up so much since he was younger. He pointed to a tree in his front and said he had a tree previously removed and that one planted for $60. I turned and looked at the tree and it was 70 ft. tall. Asked him how big it was when he got it planted, and he said it was pretty big but one guy was able to use a dolly and plant it himself.

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