Customer aggrement on pay here is my sheet. Any fine tuning will be accepted. THXS

Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by David Hartzog, Oct 15, 2000.

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    I just get sreawed at least i time a week and i am tired of it so i now am fighting back.
    Quick story i did this yard 40.00 was aggreed upon and was told i would be paoid friday 2 weeks later he calls said sorry and then as i was getting off the phone he said 35.00 right at the time i though he was talking about 3 to 5 the next day i said sure opppps.i lost $5.00 i had a old paper signed but can't find it.


    Customer Agreement for service/s.

    I, David Hartzog of Eufaula’s Finest Lawn agree to service your yard at this location_______________________________________ for the amount of $_________ to be paid immediately before of after work is completed for the first 3 visits.

    Start Date___________________________

    Work to be performed (Must be signed to be valid)
    ____ Cut ____ Edge ____ Weedeat ____ Blow off

    Other: __________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________

    Comments: ___________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________

    Legal: I Understand by signing this form that I agree to all terms of this agreement as so stated.

    Customer’s signature _________________________________ Date_________________

    Customers Name Printed ________________________________

    Customers phone ____________________________________

    David R. Hartzog______________________________________

  2. jeffyr

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    It sounds to me, judging from past and present posts, that you may need a little work in the organization and communication department. The first time I tried to sell my services, it went rough, and I'm sure the people knew that I had never done it before. But I tried to learn from my horrible mistakes and not repeat them. I don't know if another piece of paper being signed will stop people from messing with you, or scare them off. I don't think 3 contracts are necessary to cut a lawn(this one plus the last 2 you posted).
    Remember....Clear and concise thinking and deliberate actions will put you in control more than a haphazard "i am tired of it so i now am fighting back" approach. These people are not the enemy, they are your bread and butter.
    just my opinion.


  3. Stinger

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    David, I have read your other threads and not commented but it seem that you have more trouble than anyone else I know in the business. Now first off there is no contracts for residental lawns only a gentlemans agreement may be used specifing what is to be done on a regular basis for x amount of dollars. Yes both parties may sign this paper but it is a non binding agreement. You need to be firm and make clear what your intent is when providing a service. If I gave my residental clients a contract like this to fill out and sign I believe most people would feel threatened and either fill up my voice mail with questions or just drop my service all together. I think jeffyr said it best and I quote: "These people are not the enemy, they are your bread and butter". If you get screwed once a week like you say you do then maybe you or your business pratices are to blame. But I don't think that a contract like this will cause all your problems to melt away! I hope whatever you choose to do works out, good luck!
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    I have also read a number of David's posts and I am left to wonder,'Is this for real?' Maybe this is really A-1 under an automated response system! Also,does this "contract" contain any conditions placed apon customers with mullet haircuts?
  5. Currier

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    Here's the deal. You are eager (maybe a little desperate) to have your business up and running. Most people figure they can do the lawn mowing they are just doing you a favor by letting you work for them...that is until they see the awesome finished product, and realize that you do great work, you pay attention to details, you are efficient and the lawn looks better than it ever has.

    Now relax. It takes time to build a client base and more time to build a GOOD client base.

    Talk with your customer when bidding out the lawn and hear what they are NOT saying as well as what they are...but don't read too much into it! Agree upon a price, a day to cut and how you will be paid. I bill at the end of each month and have never been ripped off(10years). After the first cut I also ask them to look over the job the next couple of days and please let me know if there is anything they would like done differently. Don't be insulted. Just be real flexible.

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