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Customer always gets what they ask for, right?


LawnSite Member
Sulphur, La.
Had a customer today who left me a note with the check on her door: "I'd like you to cut my back yard only once a month and my front yard twice a month, and don't cut before 11am." This is a lawn that I have kept up last season twice monthly, through the winter once monthly at $40 per cut. During the growing season I've been collecting $80 each month from her and she always asks for something for nothing... The dang yard is so filthy with leaves that I would cut early in the morning so the dew would help with the dust... So I wrote her a Proposal and put back in her door stating that "Due to rising gas prices and increased scheduling conflicts, a PRICE INCREASE to $50 per cut was in order. She called a couple of hours later on my cell phone, and agreed to the price increase, only would I be able to cut after 11am. I told her "Sure I can do that but it'll be an additional $5 charge for that, thank you ma'am. She agreed to that also...
Guess I shouldn't complain...HA