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Discussion in 'Business Operations' started by landscapetastic, Jun 16, 2012.

  1. landscapetastic

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    Is it legal to call the police if they refuse to pay for service that we agreed to.
  2. tlc1994

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    Send the outstanding customer a formal notification that they have the time stated in the contract that they signed to pay the invoice in full or you will be forced to use full legal action against them. The cops would tell you the same thing.
  3. OakNut

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    You can call the police for anything you want. The question is whether they can/will do anything about it.

    In your case, I don't think it's the job of the police to settle payment disputes.
    There are courts for that.
  4. easy-lift guy

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    I believe in the state of the Florida it is a civil matter. tlc1994 has it correct, if no results take your customer to small claims court and or file a lien against your customers property. Just make sure you receive a judgement from the court, otherwise the lien may prove a mute point.
    easy-lift guy
  5. LawnMastersTN

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    Here in TN you have to go to small claims court and get the judgement and then you can file a lein. I dont know how it is now but 4 years ago when you got the lein on the property they had 90 days to pay you or you could ask the court to sell the property. Usually pushes the point alittle further. Just remember you have to pay to file upfront and then you can put that cost in on the judgement but its still out of your pocket til they pay. If its under $100 I wouldnt even worry about it and chalk it up to expericence.
  6. Kelly's Landscaping

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    We have looked into that here over 10k its felony theft of services. I guarantee if your facing felony charges your pay that bill real fast. I know of one guy that called them over 5k in work he had just completed and they did put cuffs on the customer and his mom who nearly ran over the cop as she sped home into her sons driveway. But they paid instantly then. But under 10k its only a misdemeanor here and your better off just suing.

    Was just looking up New York they do jail time there for jumping turnstiles or jumping out of a cab so look up the laws there perhaps your find you fit the classification.
  7. McDonald186

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    IN NY it is considered a civil matter and you would have to sue in small claims court. You would have to document the contract even if it's verbal. It would only be a criminal matter if you could show they meant to defraud you which is hard to do unless they did the same thing to a bunch of people.

    If they paid you with a bad check you could call the police but you need to protest the check at the bank and send them a certified letter with return receipt first. If they don't pay you can charge them with issuing a bad check.

    If you have more questions send me a message, I've been a police officer for a lot of years, Investigator now so if I can be of help I will.
  8. Kartanimal29

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    Round Up there yard :)
  9. LawnMastersTN

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    I actually saw a guy do that one time... Just watched in amazement from the yard I mowed across the street. BTW he was writing cuss words and the biggest one was the word BROKE THIEF.
  10. Patriot Services

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    In FL your best hope is they pay you with a hot check. This state is very aggressive with bad check writers. They will issue a warrant, you will take the ride and the state will take their money for you including federal tax returns and wage garnishment.
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