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Discussion in 'Business Operations' started by precisioncut, Mar 25, 2004.

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    Precision i think it's good. I love the second paragraph and the whole lot about constructive criticism and you using it to improve and forever bettering yourself. I think it's a great letter.

    Only thing I would consider myself would be taking the last sentence out "I do hope you accept our apology" the letter doesn't need it. I was really impressed until I got to that sentence where as a customer i might have been brought back to thinking about what you did wrong and if I should forgive you. Rather then thinking, ok he sees it my way, he apologised and thanked me for my feedback which he will use to better himself - that is all a good thing!

    Just a thought, but yea great letter and even better reasoning behind it.

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    i think it's too nice. i hate being nice to people who are a pain in the butt. did you ever see that movie, the guy says, "we keep you alive to row this boat, row well, and stay alive." well that's my feeling towards most customers, i keep them on to earn money from them, when that opportunity comes to an end i'm thinking, "mrs. who???" heck with her. here is what you accomplished by your letter, if mrs. x is gonna talk, she's gonna talk, reguardless of how u ended it, so now she will say, "prescisioncut is a very nice man, but he does awful work." luckily, the people who know her, know she's wacked, and will take her with a grain of salt. i do everything i can to keep a client happy, but some cannot be kept happy, it's these clients who i take great pleasure in just stop showing up, and hanging up the phone when they call, etc.
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    This is my standard departure letter:

    Dear Customer,

    We have received your intent to cancel and the effective termination date is _________.

    We regret losing you as a customer. You've been outstanding in terms of timely payment and we will certainly miss having you on our schedule.

    It's always our goal to provide reliable, dependable service that our customers can count on. Our customers can rest assured that we carry both $1 million in liability insurance as well as workman's comp insurance on all of our employees.

    Should you ever have a future need for our service, please give us a call or visit us on the web at

    This standard letter goes out to any customer who cancels, regardless of the reason.

    My concern with you sending the customer a letter of apology is that she may use the words "apologize" as an excuse to dead beat you. I don't think I'd recommend that you voluntarily admit fault with a customer in writing. The phrase "we let you down" and "any inconvenience we may have caused you" sounds like you did something really bad. The truth is, this customer's expectations are all f'd up. If a small claims judge were to read that letter, it would be hard for you to win a judgement. And what if she leaves that letter laying around and someone else see it? They might jump to the wrong conclusion and assume that you killed her lawn or something. Or what if the next contractor sprays roundup all over the lawn and carries no insurance? She could use that apologetic letter to blame you. I would take out all the apologetic stuff.

    DFW Area Landscaper
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    DFW, what does the amount of your insurance coverage have to do with a customer canceling? Just wondering
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    If anyone started saying things like that about me he'd receive a cease and desist letter from my attorney, backed up by a defamation lawsuit if he continued. :hammerhead:

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    Super! An 11 year old thread on how not to cut ties. She fired the guy for no reason. Don't be apologetic about it. Move on. As for the 250 rule, she will have forgotten your name before you cash the final check. People are not the pillars of the community with the ear of the public they think they are.
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    Didn't notice how old this was. LOL
    I followed a link from an article.
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    Now I'm curious - what article?
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    Yep. Best advice my lawyer ever gave me was "when it comes to business, Dave, SHUT YOUR STUPID MOUTH and only say exactly as many words as you need to."
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    Sometimes the best way to run a business is to walk away from business. Had to do it with one of our 3 year loyal customers the other week.

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