Customer burnt his own lawn fertilizing, a few questions

Discussion in 'Pesticide & Herbicide Application' started by Emerscape, Aug 18, 2005.

  1. Emerscape

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    One of my good customers demands that he fertilize his own lawn. A month ago he put down an application however he must have stopped a few times and let the fert burn the lawn. He now has some burnt spots approx. 4' in diameter and was asking me whether it should be replaced or not.. I dont think ive ever burnt a lawn before so Im not really sure what the answer would be.. Will the grass come back next year? Or will i need to slice overseed ? or since im doing a sod install elsewhere on the property should I just cut out the bad sections and replace with new peices of sod.. I know i should know this answer but its just one of those things I wasnt a hundred percent sure on
  2. kcchiefs58

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    if it is burnt really bad the grass more than likely won't come back. some grasses will come back but not if it is overly fried. bluegrasses spread with their rizhomes but it would take a long time to cover 4'. if the customer is a high maintenance person i would probably just re-sod those areas, it is quicker of course than seeding.
  3. Emerscape

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    yeah i guess ill just go with that option.. they are of course high maintenance and picky when it comes to cost but they are loyal so im gonna try to work something out.. i was figuring just charging them $35 an hour to replace anything if i have material left over from the first job and then any materials.... man its just been a hell of a long week for me .. i just gotta get my ass back in gear
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    Re sod or slit seed, it needs to be replaced.


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