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    ...and give me the aeration job. I was waiting on an answer from him, as we'll be aerating some other customers on his street tomorrow. Hadn't heard from him so I left another message.

    So he leaves me a message, saying he had decided to go with the LCO that maintains the HOA grounds there, and 'the reason why' was because the other company would 'guarantee' to fix any sprinkler head they hit IF it was marked. And he would hate for ME to hit a head and have to pay for it. Oh and he added they were slightly more expensive than me. So I called him back and left another not my exact words, but basically I told him their 'guarantee' was pretty standard fare for any LCO. And basically that I am a big boy and can deal with things...and with all due respect, once again, we will be over tomorrow, so if you change your mind give me a call.

    I don't normally take business stuff personally, but this whole episode seemed a bit I can't see a marked sprinkler head or can't man-up to fix something I broke. He's normally a good guy so I will cut him some slack here :laugh:
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    So did you get the job or no?

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    Yes...although I don't know if he got my message to make sure he marks the sprinkler heads for Monday. If they are marked, we'll aerate, if not, then he can go with the other LCO. I have 6 customer on this street, but it is about 10 miles from any other job. Long story how I got business over there, but basically I'm not driving over there to aerate one lawn. They all get done tomorrow.

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