customer calls, today, it's thanksgiving!

Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by bobbygedd, Nov 27, 2003.

  1. bobbygedd

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    you believe this, i wouldn't normally mind too much, but this guy calls me, at 10 am on thanksgiving, needs a leaf cleanup, he's not even a regular customer. here's his deal: 2 yrs ago he calls my newspaper add, wants a leaf cleanup. i tell him $250. he says $200. i tell him no thanks. he says 225. i tell him he's getting warmer.... he says ok, 250. we do the job. i hand his wife a bill for 265. she pays. that night, he calls, wtf? i said it's called sales tax, it's the law. he moans a bit, that's the end of that. last year he calls. wants leaf cleanup. but, needs it done "by tommorow, cus that's when the township picks them up". i said ok, 350. he says no way, i say goodbye. then, in spring, he calls, wants lawn maint. i say $30 a cut. he says, "i was paying $25." i said good deal, get him back, and i hang up on him. he calls right back. he says , "look, i'll meet u half way. i'll pay $27.50. " i said noway. $30 beans, take it or leave it. o, plus tax. he says, "i'll pay the $30, but i'm not paying the tax." i say look, find someone else, i have no time for this nonsense. now, the guy calls on thanksgiving. i know he's out of options, probably wore out his welcome with every company around here. i also know that last pickup over there is dec. 2nd. would you A) take advantage of this, and jack the price way up and do the job? or B) blow him off
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    Blow him off - he knew Thanksgiving was coming for the last year. I have a friend that has a sign over his desk that reads, "An error on your part does not equal an emergency on my part." I think this applies here. Your family is probably looking forward to spending some time with you - do it!
  3. justmjc

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    LOL, work on Thanksgiving. He better plan better than that. Tell him your on tripple time if he wants the job that bad.
  4. nelbuts

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    Tell him that you are tired of this nonsense and that you think that it is better that he find someone else for ALL of his lawn maintenance needs. And hang up and eat turkey like I am right now.
  5. Runner

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    What in the world would he want it done ON Thanksgiving for? What, is he having company over? If it's a $250 job, there is some work involved, and it's gonna take some time. There is no way thios person is going to want howling mowers and blowers running around while they are having dinner.
  6. Navig8r

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    Do ya need the work that bad that you even have to ask what to do????
    I'd tell him that I he has always made it difficult to do business with him, and you will no longer play his games.... find someone else, thank you and have a nice day.

    I blew off a customer earlier this season... just told him I was too busy to take on any additional work.....
    He called me last year from my ad ... I gave an estimate (after seeing the place)..... It snowed the next day, and there was snow on the ground until Dec. 21st(Saturday) when it began to melt due to 50 degree temps. We had spoken after the snow fell, and I told him the cleanup could be done not only as soon as the snow was gone, but when his lawn dried out (very wet back yard,poor drainage)..... on Dec. 23rd (Monday, AM) he leaves me a VM saying "All the snow is gone, If you could come over today and do the clean up, that would be great"... I called him back and left a message explaining that: 1) Your lawn is in no way dry enough by today to even attempt to clean up, and 2) I put my equipment away for the season 2+ weeks ago, after it was evident that the snow was here to stay for quite some time.

    He calls me back on the 2nd nice day in the spring..... I tell him again to wait till it dries out..... finally get it done in April.... still wet, but done!
    Made sure to tell him NO immediately when he called this Fall...... I dont need that kind of aggrivation..... Thought about raising the price, but even for the most I could have feasably gotten for the job, it wasnt worth his cr@p...........
    Still cant believe he called on Dec 23rd with "Can ya come TODAY?" !!!!!!
  7. bobbygedd

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    no no no. did i explain wrong? he didn't want it done today, he called today, wants it done within the next couple days, before the township pickup. i was just shocked that he called me on a holiday.
  8. o-so-n-so

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    Bobby....I would take his money under the following conditions..
    Not on Thanksgiving regardless...

    1. No more complaining........
    2. Pay on time..always
    3. I already work in that area.....
    4. Under my terms.....

    I don't think he'll make it pass the first reason.
  9. dgram8

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    Bobby all my jobs are by app. only at least three weeks waiting . I till anybody even regular customers any jobs that they want done before a opening is availble the price is double because I have to pay my workers overtime usually they will pay no problem time is money
  10. walker-talker

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    I might take his money for a leaf cleanup, but doubt I would mow for him....sounds likes you would have to put up with a lot of complaining....and nobody wants that.

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