Customer claims my company was never on her property

Discussion in 'Business Operations' started by DLONGLANDSCAPING, Dec 4, 2012.


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    Thats exactly my problem. Sure, she is stubborn and wants stuff done correctly, but that is why she hired me and has had me for so long! I do good work and i stand by my work and to be told i wasn't there for a month and a half pisses me off.

    I try to be as professional as possible while i am working, and that is where the success of our company comes in. We have a good image and do good work and always leave our equipment and job sites clean .

    I take my work way to personally and it causes me to have less and less motivation each year when i have to deal with this. We had a great season and finally collecting money owed to us, and having to deal with this, isnt a good way to end it.

    I dont want to eliminate charges because its not a miscommunication, its almost a scam. I know she knows that we were there, and if she doesn't she has to have some sort of memory loss(she's close to 75 prob)

    Normally these fall clean ups would be double the price but since she is my gf's neighbor i always offer her a great price to keep her business and since i have a couple of neighbors as clients it was an easy extra account to add.

    Thats another thing to mention, i did three neighbors on her street, and my gf's families two houses the same day as i did hers. And they have all paid for services.
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    People are funny, sometimes pride drives them to do irrational things. May have lost income, had hours cut, incurred unexpected expenses etc. And simply been unable to pay. Sometimes it's easier to try to turn it on you rather than admit they can't pay. Dunno, just saying.

    You seem to have a handle on things. Hope you get paid for your work.
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    Money drives people mad. If it was truely about the amount of money, i always can work out payment plans over a couple of months with my customers, that is not a problem. Its horrible when people demand to be paid when you get work done on a vehicle or a personal household repair,but when you send out bills customers take there la di da time to pay you and dont care that you have to pay your bills.

    Next year i think im going to do fixed rates each month for everything for all of my customers, instead of having more cash flow in some months than others. If i break it up over 12 months, instead of 8, they will have a lower payment and be paying for services year round. All payments would be one month prior to service and they would know what the money is going towards. I would have income all 12 months and not have to budget as much. Cashflow would be tigher during the working months, but it would be much simpler.
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    Alzheimer's is becoming more and more common now with the large number of retiree's. My grandmother has Alzheimer's, she can remember who everyone is but it takes her a few seconds and she can't do much, my grandfather usually feeds her.

    You may want to get in touch with a relative because most relative's are in denial until someone brings it up. You can also really pi$$ someone off by asking them if their relative has a a memory loss issue.


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    Next time im there(if im ever there next year) i will ask her daughter, who is there a lot! (hmm... i wonder how i know this.... because ive talked to her many times and shes seen me a lot.....yet ive didnt come at all in oct or nov...hahah)

    The lady's husband is pretty much a vegitable :( he sits in a wheel chair after he went through a stroke a couple years ago and just sits there and doesnt talk and is all slouched over .... its sad and i wish i could help, so i just try to make it look extra nice because old people have nothing except their yards to look at.

    And this is what i get in return.

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    Been there, I had a similar situation this year with a guy who claimed we left him high and dry and stopped coming to mow, which we didn't, he was refusing to pay his bill which was 600+-, After a few back and forth letters and a few threats of turning it over to collections i finally got payed.

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    That's good you got paid though. I don't know which approach to Come at with this lady. She has always paid and we've had a strong relationship with good communication.

    I hope I'm missing something and she will pay, but ya never know. I hate dealing with court and lawyers.
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    I really hope all goes well and I feel your pain. Don't doubt yourself or your company or your guys efforts because of one complaint. I understand not wanting to loose a long time customer but you have to look after yourself first. The closer it gets to Christmas the more people want to stretch payments. You have all your proof with the emails, snaps some pics when you go out for the meeting and if you have to do the lein and go to small claims. These days you can't let anybody slide not even $20..... I realized long ago you can't make everybody happy... Wish you the best let us know the outcome.
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    2 things,

    1) i always use my cell camera with gps date stamp to take pics at each visit 1 @ ariving 1 @ leaving to basicly to tell the shut the heck up ur wrong and pay your BLASTED BILL.

    2) if they dont pay the bill i imedditly send them a CERTIFIED USPS letter stating a lien will be filled in 5 days if full payment is not made. And also any and all services are cancelled asap.
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    know this thread is old but what ended up happening

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