Customer comers out to talk in her bra!

Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by RYAN, Apr 24, 2001.

  1. RYAN

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    Don't get too excited here guys this is a 70 year old women we are talking so unless you are turned on by Angela Landsbury this won't do much for you. This women was a thorn in my side all last year and I was considering dropping her this year but i figured I would raise her price instead and she accepted. Her grass was getting long and I stopped to give her the first cut of the season. I was about half way done with the front when out she came with nothin upstairs but a brazier. Needless to say I was pretty grossed out but not totally shocked since she had been pretty wacky since I started working for her. She started complaing that I hadn't called first and just shown up although I said I would do so in a letter I sent her in the springtime unless I heard otherwise. Then she starts whining about the leaves and how she wanted me to pick them up although she had not told me so until then. And then she goes on to say she wants this piece of grass on the other side of the driveway mowed with a 21" mower because those "big machines" leave those lines (stripes) in the grass. I told her the 21" is only for fenced in areas only and that made her even more mad. Right then my lazer which I was sitting on moved about an inch in her direction and she yells "don't hit me with that mower." At this point I have had enough. Not only have I had to look at this old hag in her bra but then to have her whine and complain about silly things as she has always done then yell at me. I told her to find someone else to mow her lawn from now on and loaded up my stuff. As I loaded up my things she tried to apologize but it was too late and I don't have time for that crap this year anyway. I loaded up gave her a wave and drove off. It felt great to give the old wench the boot. Can't wait to see the scrub that ends up dealing with that.
  2. 65hoss

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    It might be some old man that wants to be paid in other ways. :D

  3. joshua

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    lol thats funny,
    hey i always say as the other guys do, you'll pick something up real soon the same size lawn, with more pay, or same pay but tons of extras.
  4. David Gretzmier

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    Sorry you had to deal with that, but an amazingly similar thing happened to 2 of my guys. They were at a property, and this lady comes out in her bathrobe to complain about the noise and showing up ( it was 1:30 pm ). somehow the wind blows, and this robe blows open. She calls later to apologize for flashing my guys, and the guys ask me for hazard pay. Dave
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  6. Esby

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    How come I dont have any fancy stories like you guys?? Maybe this season has it instore for me!! haha
  7. TJLC

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    I'll tell ya, some of the things we sometimes have to deal with! Good for you, for dropping her. People need to learn that we work hard, and deserve respect.
  8. awm

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    i found out yrs ago his buisiness offerd certain opportunities.course theres a price for everything.
    unless you are single and looking for a good time
    the price just to high.even then you may find
    a husband and a 357 on your trail.good duck i mean luck
  9. jeffyr

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    When I was younger my friend and I were cutting together. I went around back of this big house to find a womans erobics cless going on in the back room with glass doors and windows (these were no 70 year old wormen !). Needles to say we both cut the back that day.
  10. Got Grass?

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    I had to cut this 200 acre sernior complex back when I was working for someone else. One day I was going arround the building on the Dane facing the building, glanced up and right there in the open window was this 80yr old lady starting to get dressed. Almost fell of the mower in terror, she saw me and ran to her bathroom. I also hated cutting arround the pool area where thay sit arround all day in thier suits tring to tan thier wrinkles. Then off in a wooded area others on my crew would contstnatly run over condoms. Now thats a scarey picture of Grama and Grampa. I told the owner about everything and he gave me a $.25 raise. I then made the others clean off the mower decks.


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