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Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by VanceTrendov, Apr 23, 2007.

  1. VanceTrendov

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    I gave a bid to a husband and wife. They didn't sign up right away, but the wife called 2 days later (friday) to accept my entire bid, which included aeration. I also asked about seeding and they said they weren't interested. This customers yard is the most compacted soil i have ever seen in addition the sod that the customer layed last year is dead/dormant. Large bare spots ect. Also this customer doesn't have anything to prune.

    After reading please post with how your would reply to an email that a customer left me

    My wife, Erin, started service with you and your crew (Ryan) was here on Sunday performing Spring Clean-up. Thanks.

    Ryan said he'd have someone contact us (so this is only a reminder) about seeding the thin areas of our lawn which was only seeded late last year. The yard is very shady. We would also like to know when you will be applying fertilizer so we can make sure our pets will not be able to access the yard. Finally. I don't know if you perform service on Sunday's regularly but we ask that no motorized service be performed on Sunday's as a favor to our neighbors. We are very pleased with the spring clean-up and look forward
    to your continued service. Please also let this serve to confirm that our service includes spring cleanup, lawn maintenance, fall cleanup (excluding gutters) and 5 fertilizer applications only. We have requested a price for the seeding service.
    No aerations or punings are ordered at this point.
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    Sounds to me like they have you confused with another company that they got a quote from. I think you need another visit to the customers and go over the contract again.
    The reply email would be to suggest a site visit.
  3. VanceTrendov

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    They have got a flier with the company name...then they called. The voice mail says my company name. When I called to set up an appointment I said the company name again. It says it on the agreement sheet, on my business cards which i gave both of them (which is the only markeing that has the website address on it). To see them and go back home would be about and hour and a half of my time.

  4. cantoo

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    Sounds like you will have to spell your terms out on the email and send it to them. Remember keep it short and sweet, they are already confused I think.
  5. Mow N GO 06

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    Good Point cantoo, "they are already confused I think"

    The dealers are tired of playing second fiddle and we intend on making you pay for the equipment you chose to use to make a bundle on that job. We make $45 on that stick edger you low-balled to buy....You made how much on the same piece??????????? We worked as hard as your mexican did. The-End-------------HUSH

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