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    Was Wondering If Any Of You Have Expierenced A Problem With Customer Concerns With "brown Spot". One Of Our Local Garden/landscape Stores Informed My Customer That "brown Spot" Was A Fungus & Was Spread By Lawn Services. She Has Asked Me To Spray My Tires & Blades & Rinse Them Before Each Mowing. Any Truth To This???
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    Can happen, it is recommennded that people use a fungicide on their equipmnet but it can damage natural fungi that break down clippings, especially important if you mulch. There are old timers that say use a mix of Listerine, Copenhagen and water inside an old stocking in pump sprayer. Never did that myself since I worked for a municipality they had a disinfectant we would use. Heard it is possible in several classes though. See if you can't get a local Turf and Ornamental guy to parnter with you on spraying fungicides and liquid fertilizers. You get him some work and he may get some lawns for you, just a thought.
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    Fungus problems are cause by extended moisture combined with warm temps. They wont survive without those conditions. Never heard of it beeing transfered by tires, but Ive' been wrong before. Once! :)
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    So... is this the "Brown Patch" fungus, also known as Rhizoctonia Blight? Since there are numerous fungus and diseases that can affect turf, most of the time people are just guessing without really knowing for sure.

    "Brown Patch" fungus is triggered by rainfall, excessive irrigation or extended periods of high humidity resulting in the leaf canopy being continuously wet for 48 hours or more. Excess nitrogen and improper irrigation can cause the spread of this fungus, and to quote from the U. of Florida extension service, "Since mowers can spread this disease, mow diseased areas last, and wash turf clippings off the mower, discarding in a compost, before proceeding to the next site."
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    I was wondering if she ate to much of Dustys jerky in regards to the brown
    Seriously is the lawn heathy ie. fert regularly and so on.I now that helped me out of this problem.
    Do you have leather jackets where you are they make brown patches in our lawns up here at this time a year.
    As for the spraying off equipment, It's like that old Guess Who song (GOT NO TIME.) think thats it anyways.
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    Got the hersey squirts from Dustys jerky :D :D :D :D :D

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    man that is some good jerky
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    Thanks For The Advice..... Didn't Catch The Dusty's Jerky Joke. If It Doesn't Have Alligators Or Crawfish In It , We Coon-asses Don't Get It... Thx Again!!

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